Astrology is flawlessly accurate in helping us sail through the troubled waters in an ocean called life. I have personally found this to be true to every word! Astrology is a lantern in a dark tunnel that helps us find the right path during uncertain walks of our lives. I look forward to being your lantern."

Aswin Subramanyan

Author Photo - Aswin Balaji Subramanyan.

Upcoming Events!

  • A Workshop on Firdaria
    Sat, 19 Jun
    Online Workshop
    19 Jun, 9:00 pm IST – 20 Jun, 11:30 pm IST
    Online Workshop
    This workshop is to back up the book, "Firdaria - Periods of Life" to help the students understand the practical usage of Firdaria. There are a few modifications in the methods of calculation of the distribution periods besides including the Nodes in distribution periods.
  • Joe Biden - Swearing-In Chart Discussion
    Sat, 03 Jul
    Free Online Event
    03 Jul, 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm IST
    Free Online Event
    In this talk, astrologer, Aswin Subramanyan will discuss the US President Joe Biden's swearing-in chart.

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Firdaria - Periods of Life

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