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I am Aswin Subramanyan from Chennai, India. I am an astrologer, writer, and a publisher. I am the founder of "CELESTIAL VIBES" E-Magazine launched on March 17, 2018. If you would like to subscribe, visit www.celestialvibesmagazine.com.​ I am a 5th generation astrologer to my knowledge. My maternal family has been doing astrology since the 18th century. I am fortunate enough to have learnt this great art and a science. DNA factor must have had instilled an interest in astrology in my sub-conscious which turned out to be a passion when I realized it in mid-2011 and I have not turned back since then. 

My spiritual and astrological foundation was built around the philosophy of Vedanta and as result, Jyotish is an inseparable part of my life. However, I have not confined myself to just one tradition of astrology. I developed a keen interest towards the Hellenistic and Persian astrological traditions since the late 2017. Today, my astrology is a blend of Jyotish, Hellenistic and Persian traditions. 

Along with Srimad Bhagavatham, Gita and Upanishads, I also opened myself to the works of some of the Greek philosophers which only made me realize that life was always looked as the same by everyone but from different perspectives. Understanding the philosophical background of the astrological traditions do not fail to enrich my astrology and I strongly believe in it.

You will find it out when you read the articles on blog. If you think you would like to support my work, click here.

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The study of symbolic answers that the movement of celestial bodies bring to the questions of human beings  is called Astrology. Astrology acts as a lantern in the dark walks of human life.

Astrology is the greatest gift of the Gods to the mankind. To be able to foresee the nature and quality of events in a person's life is the pinnacle of human abilities. Look at what humans can do without abandoning dignity.  Astrological guidance to people should turn out to be very helpful in near or far future. Exploring and examining the impacts and symbols of the stars (planets) can be used to shape the human life to many good fortunes. Astrology or astrologers cannot change or alter the course of life. Natives are bound to the choices that they make in their lives. An action always has a result and the result is based upon the choice that the native makes. Astrologers can help the natives make the rights choices. This is where humans can exercise freewill. If the client comes to an astrologer after making a choice, an astrologer can predict the outcome of the choice made by the native.

​​Astrology is a science of daily life. In this website, you will find articles that are realistic and pragmatic which can be easily related to our daily lives. Astrology has helped me in finding myself. Astrology has been flawless in helping me navigate through some of the toughest tides of my life and eventually I was able to help myself and my family to manage the situation in a wise manner to find the next step in all our lives.


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Aswin is a very insightful human being who knows his stuff about astrology. He is very respectable and also incredibly kind. I asked him for some personal feedback about my birth chart and he actually took time and put forth the effort to reply to me about my inquiries. Top of the line quality here!


"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"




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Aswin is a member of International Society of Classical Astrologers led by Prof. P James Clark. ISCA is a group of people who specialize in traditional astrology and publish scholarly works on the society blog to promote and grow the interest of traditional astrology among the astrological community. ISCA is a rich and timeless source of alternative learning apart from the regular books.

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