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"Astrology is flawlessly accurate in helping us sail through the troubled waters in an ocean called life. I have personally found this to be true to every word! Astrology is a lantern in a dark tunnel that helps us find the right path during uncertain walks of our lives. I look forward to being your lantern."

Aswin Subramanyan

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Firdaria - Periods of Life

Exploring the Relationship Between Moon Phases & Planets to Improve & Illuminate Your Life

Astrology by Moonlight is the result of one of the most unique collaborations in the field of astrology bringing together astrologers Tara Aal and Aswin Subramanyan from completely contrasting cultural and astrological backgrounds.

In this ground-breaking work, they expand upon Dane Rudhyar's pioneering work on soli-lunar phases by applying it to the Moon's synodic phases with all the planets going beyond the Sun.

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