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"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

Mother Teresa

With Lars Panaro

Lars has been a very good friend of mine and we have worked together in Lars' role as a writer of Celestial Vibes magazine. We have worked together for various YouTube videos and on various ressearch and brain storming works related to various concepts and techniques of various forms of astrology. Lars and I have done an extensive overview of history, philosophy, concepts and techniques of Hellenistic Astrology as part of a YouTube series called "Visiting Valens". This was one of the first free complete overview package of Hellenistic Astrology on the web that I know of and I hope it will benefit those who are just making their way into traditional astrology. In near future, we are planning for more webinar and course contents together which will help us contribute together to the community.

With Rok Koritnik

Rok has also been writing for Celestial Vibes magazine. I got super interested in Rok's research project on the underlying mechanism of Vargas or Divisional charts of Vedic Astrology. Rok and I did a YouTube series on explaining the mathematics and logical usage of Vargas or Divisional charts. I spend multiple hours discussing astrology with Rok and such conversations with Lars and Rok help me continue my learning process in astrology. Rok is also a very integral part of the upcoming webinar episodes of Celestial Vibes as an instructor or a presenter.

With Tara Aal

Tara and I met for the first time in the conference in India and now we are family friends. Before meeting in New Delhi, we have done a major collaborative work together which is now turning into our first book together. Tara and I presented together on the Facebook group - EA Zoom Meetings. The best thing about working with Tara is that she manages to get things out of me that I don't realize I knew of. Tara, an Evolutionary Astrologer, always amazes me with her evolutionary and psychological perspective on various aspects of astrology. We are working on blending the concepts of the East and the West in our first book about which are super excited!

With Fernando Raul

Fernando was my first online astrology friend and he lives in Latin America which is exactly on the other part of the world - thanks to the technological development. Fernando and I did a series together on implementing the Hellenistic concept of Sect in Vedic Astrology. I published Fernando's articles on Celestial Vibes magazine as it is something that everyone should surely try in their astrological practice or research. In near future, Fernando and I will start working on a series talking about the Yogas of Vedic Astrology.

With Vanita Lenka

For a brief while, Vanita Lenka wrote the horoscope column for the Celestial Vibes magazine. Later, Vanita invited me to join her to present the weekly astrological forecast on her YouTube Channel - VL Astrology. We have continued being complimentary to each other for over a year of our collaboration and the weekly transit forecast keeps me in line with the transits as I otherwise don't work much in presenting transits. 



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