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Agatha Christie–Zodiacal Releasing

Astrologer Anthony Louis wrote about the famous author, Agatha Christie’s nativity, and argued for the time of Agatha’s birth on 15 September 1890 at 14:14 hours in Torquay, England. The chart looked interesting, and I wanted to write about her nativity from a sidereal (whole signs) point of view with different techniques than what Anthony Louis had used in his article. It is always interesting to look at various perspectives, and I took inspiration from the article by Anthony Louis to present this essay. I will employ Zodiacal Releasing in this post to talk about the various events in Christie’s life.

Nativity of Agatha Christie

A major event of Agatha’s childhood was the death of her father of pneumonia and chronic kidney disease in November 1901, when she was 11 years old. She called this event the end of her childhood.[1]

When her father died, Sagittarius was activated by releasing from fortune and the L2 was Cancer. Hence, Jupiter and the Moon were activated as L1 and L2 time lords respectively. Cancer is the 8th house of the nativity and the Moon is placed in the 10th house of Virgo, along with the Sun and Mercury. When the 8th house and its ruler is active, it usually is a very tricky period which might bring the native some traumatic experience and in this case, father’s death. First, we have to notice Saturn’s placement in detriment, (Leo) in the 9th house. It is an astrological proof that the native will not have a good relationship with her father or would face separation from her father. The Sun, the Moon, and Mercury conjunction in the 10th house is quite descriptive if we look at it from a professional perspective because we know Agatha is famous for her detective novels. Detective is an 8th house thing and the Moon also is the significator of imagination. Hence, the Moon in the 10th house is very important for her life in becoming a writer. Mercury certainly helps the cause, especially from Virgo. However, in other facets of life, the Moon’s position in the 10th house as the ruler of the 8th house, certainly would bring both the 10th house and the 8th house matters to forefront. Ruler of Sagittarius (L1) is placed in the 2nd house of Capricorn, in its debilitation, and hence, the overall nature of the Sagittarius period of 12 years is challenging.

The year 1926 was one of the most difficult for Agatha Christie. Her mother died of heart disease at the age of 72 on 5 April 1926. A few months later, in August of 1926, her husband Archie asked her for a divorce, roughly a month before she turned 36 years old.[2]

In 1926, the major ZR period was Capricorn and the distribution (L2) was Scorpio. Capricorn is the 2nd house of the nativity and it hosts a debilitated Jupiter, which is also the ruler of the rising sign. Scorpio is the 12th house of the nativity. which essentially brings difficulty. Since, the 2nd house is activitated with debilitated Jupiter in the 2nd house, we can easily come to a conclusion that there is something difficult that’s going on in the family and because of the 12th house is also activated, we can see that there is a loss of a family member; here, Agatha’s mother.

Mars (out of favour of sect) is placed in the 1st house, which shows there is a difficulty which is going to be of a prominent concern to the native itself. Jupiter is also the ruler of the 4th house and 4th house is about the native’s mother. With the ruler of the 4th house in debility, we can directly see in the nativity that there is a problem for the native’s mother.

The ruler of the 7th house, Mercury, is placed prominently in the 10th house of Virgo but Agatha’s 2nd house is afflicted and hence, the problems and chaos in her family life are unavoidable. With the 2nd house and the 12th house activated, Agatha’s family life (2nd house) ended (12th house) as her husband demanded divorce.

Agatha Christie died on 12 January 1976. She was 85 years old when she died. [3]

Releasing from fortune, Agatha was living through a major period of Aries and distribution of Cancer. Aries is the 5th house with its ruler Mars placed in the 12th house end. The Moon is the ruler of the 8th house and it is placed in the 10th house of Virgo which makes death as a prominent event during the Aries-Cancer period. Mars’ position in the 1st house as the 12th ruler symbolically shows the end of the life for the native.

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