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Amaravati - The Lost Foundation

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Once Andhra Pradesh was split into two states; Andhra and Telangana, talks about the capital city of Andhra started doing the rounds in the state. Hyderabad served as the common capital for both the states and that’s the current state as well. It was decided that they are going to build a new capital city called Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone on October 22, 2015 and the then CM of the state, Chandra Babu Naidu initiated the project three years later. World Bank, AIIB and Singapore government jointly funded the project which was valued at 2 lakh crores. As the project was initiated, already, 10000 crores of money has been invested. However, the sad news is that the construction of the city is now at a standstill because of the change of government. Chandra Babu Naidu lost the elections and Jaganmohan Reddy won the elections. After assuming office, the new CM halted the progress and ordered the review of contracts. Looking at the election results, the World Bank and AIIB decided to exit the project and soon after, Singapore government also decided to call it a day which means there is no one to fund the project.

I was reading various articles on the Foundation of Baghdad and I was highly impressed by the comparative analysis made by astrologer Anthony Louis. Electional astrology has always been my fascination and inception of a city is not a joke. We really need to have a strong election chart to lay the foundation stone. I do not have the exact time of the stone being laid for the launch of Amaravati project. But, in this post, I am going to only talk about the planetary conditions and how this particular day cannot qualify as a good election at all.

Foundation of Amaravati

Debilitated Sun and mutual exchange with Venus

Sun is debilitated in Libra. Sun is the planet that we would give paramount importance while electing a chart for the foundation of a city because Sun is government and Sun in debility is a terrible position. This means that the government doesn’t have enough power to stand on its own to deal with the matters of the state that are generally safety, economy, finance, etc.

But, Sun is in mutual exchange with Venus which is posited in Leo. Well, mutual reception is a good mitigation. However, this is an indication that even if the city is erected successfully, there is always a dependency on some other factor to run the show in the city. With government incapable (Sun’s debility), we need to depend upon other factors (Venus) to come to the aid whenever the city is in need. This certifies the fact that the project was entirely dependent on external funding and once there is a change in the political situation, the external funding sources decided to quit. Government change causing the halt of the project is also something that is indicated by the Sun’s debility.

Moon unfavorable for the foundation

Moon is aspected by Saturn and so is the lot of fortune. Moon is received by Saturn in Capricorn, however, Capricorn is Moon’ detriment and this means that Moon also needs support and cannot function on its own. Luminaries need to be in a very strong position while laying foundation for anything. See what Benjamin Dykes has written in his translation of Hephaiston of Thebes Book III, Ch III - 7, page# 62.

When anyone wishes to doun a fortunate and enduring city, (likewise with the laying of foundations for the building of ships, houses and wall), watch for the Moon transiting in the royal triangle at the time, and the inception of the circumscription (that is to say, of the foundations); let her also be favourably testified to by all the stars: for if it so happens to be, then disclose that the construction will be cared for and given heed by great kings and rulers, and be the dwelling place of monarchs, and beloved by the gods, remarkable, held in esteem, and long-lasting.

Royal triangle is the dharmic signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (the author explains in the footnotes). It makes sense as to why it might be a valuable point to say that the Moon needs to be in the royal triangle. All these signs are the signs of Dharma and they uphold righteousness. The spirit of the place needs to be clean and unaffected.

Mars, Jupiter and Venus

Mars is in the royal triangle is a good position but Mars is bereft of its connection with the Sun because of the Sun’s debility and hence, Mars is not well disposed. So is Venus. Mars not in connection with the Sun indicates that there is no safety to the city and it might be attacked by the invaders often. In this case, it might mean huge changes or losses due to political instability. Well, obviously, 10000 crores of money is already invested and no one knows what would be the fate of the repayment of the huge sum.

Jupiter, Venus and Mars conjunction is a good one but the problem is all these planets are unable to function the best of their position in the chart because of the Sun’s fall. This combination indicates that some of the best of professionals were involved in the planning of this city. The images that were released as part of planning and design, we were all in awe as to how this city would look like once it was completely built. But, unfortunately, change of government had change in fate. Jupiter is also the day lord and Jupiter’s position is extremely important because day lord carries a huge amount of significance in Horary and Electional astrology. On a side note, don’t forget to note the sign based square that Mars and Saturn are involved in. This might actually not be really significant because Mars is already a long way past square. But, we need to note this because this is the chart of the city and it will be impacting as long as the city exists. We might not really consider this as a strong aspect in Horary but in electional, for a long standing stuff, we don’t want any hard aspect even if it is sign based.

My idea was only to deal with the conditions of the planets since we don't know the time for sure when it comes to Amaravati foundation.

Foundation of Baghdad

Baghdad, modern capital of Iraq was founded on July 31, 762 CE. Looking at the election, we see that the chart is well researched because it seems as if the astrologers precisely wanted to hold Sagittarius rising for the chart. When we calculate the same today, the AC position might be slightly off and can move into Scorpio depending upon the Ayanamsa and the time we use. Well, clearly, the Islamic astrologers were using some form of sidereal zodiac. One certain fact is that the astrologers wanted Sagittarius rising (one of the royal triangles) for the foundation. Apart from the royal triangle, another reason, but probably the primary reason why the astrologers wanted to have Sagittarius as rising is because Jupiter is in early Sagittarius. This establishes a strong foundation as the ascendant is strong.

Foundation of Baghdad

Moon is posited in another royal triangle of Leo and this election satisfies the first and foremost rule listed by Hephaiston of Thebes. Moreover, Sun (government) has entered Leo and this might precisely be the reason why the astrologers chose July 31, 762. Why did they not wait for Sun to make some ground into Leo? Mars is posited in the 6th house and we might not want an exact Sun Mars square because this might give rise to the own army turning against the government. But there is also another important reason why Mars in Taurus in 6th might be favourable for this election is that Mars is the army commander and this indicates that the Baghdad city had always stationed a patrolling army at various corners of the entry points in Baghdad and they were fixed there. This might have kept the enemies at bay and it is a historically known fact that Abbasid Caliphates had mighty strong forces. On the other hand, I certainly would not have Mars opposing the AC or the lord of the AC on any day while choosing an election and hence, I’d assume that Mars in the 7th house is ruled out as a case which further establishes that the astrologers were clearly in look out for Sagittarius rising with Jupiter in Sagittarius. In Baghdad chart, I think strong luminaries in the fire trines with a strong AC lord and AC would have been the most compelling factors for astrologers of that era to choose it.

To understand why Baghdad has completely changed from what it was also has various reasons such as the Nodes in the 2/8 axis, 7th and 10th lord Mercury going into the 8th thereby making them bereft of allies and Saturn’s fall in Aries. However, there is no perfect electional chart at all. See James Holden's article.

Strength of the luminaries stand as the major difference between the Baghdad and Amaravati charts. We still do not know if Amaravati project will be revived and we will have to wait and watch. But what has happened until now it very sad and unfortunate.


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