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An Astrological Insight into 2023

"Holding as we do that, while knowledge of any kind is a thing to be honoured and prized, one kind of it may, either by reason of its greater exactness or of a higher dignity and greater wonderfulness in its objects, be more honourable and precious than another, on both accounts we should naturally be led to place in the front rank the study of the soul."

Book I, On the Soul, Aristotle

As Aristotle points out, the greatest of studies is the study of the soul but to reach there, we need a mundane level of accurate examination which will further lead to more intricate details. Metaphysics is an infinite and an endless realm. The soul is always perceived as an individual phenomenon but it also carries a collective cosmic meaning which will lead us to many great realizations. How have we come across collectively over the past two years is the primer of the past two years.

Happy, Joyful &  Prosperous 2023

Since 2020, we have been facing various social issues across the world from pandemic to war. Every society got bothered and was forced to face difficulties at different points over the past two years. However, we all have come far from 2020 and life has changed dramatically. Ultimately, we are here still going strong and continuing to spread love and peace. I wish you a very happy, healthy and a prosperous 2023! I cast the Sunrise chart to Ujjain for 1 January 2023 to see what lies ahead for us. I will write about ingress charts as we near the end of March but I just wanted to give an overview of what 2023 might be like.

Economic Recession

A few important things that we can look straight away is Mercury is retrograde and is placed at the very beginning of Capricorn getting ready to move back into Sagittarius. Saturn is at the very end Capricorn almost moving into Aquarius. Both these planets are not very strong despite Mercury in its own bounds and Saturn in its domicile because of being placed at the end of the sign. Along with Saturn and Mercury, Venus is also placed in Capricorn. Venus is the ruler of the 6th house of illness and debts and is placed in the 2nd house of economy and finance. Moreover, Saturn and Mercury in helpless conditions indicate that there is focus on economy and finance but it's going to be a difficult period. With the Moon placed in the nodal axis and squaring Capricorn by whole-sign, we can see that there is some form of difficulty in general economic conditions and resources reaching people. While this might not be the case in developed nations and families that have regular income (needless to mention the wealthy), poor or undeveloped nations will go through a troublesome phase.

Currencies of the world might continue to weaken while inflation will continue to rise during this year. We have the Russia-Ukraine war still going on which is a practical reason for why we might continue to face inflation. Although not all the countries are facing a direct economic impact due to the war, every country has some form of economic hardship indirectly and the impact we had over the past year due to the war will continue in terms of global economic conditions. With the Nodes placed in the 5/11 axis (especially Ketu in the 11th house) and the 2nd house not in a great condition, we are surely at the brink of an economic recession. With the MC in the late degrees of Virgo in the bounds of Saturn and the ruler of Virgo, Mercury (Rx) in a weak state except for its position in its own bound, we can assert the idea of recession and it is surely a major theme of this year. The MC and Mercury also indicate that many people will lose their jobs and it will become difficult for people to handle their personal finances. The Moon in the 5th house in the nodal axis indicates that the markets will tumble at various intervals during the course of this year.

Health Issues

Mars is placed in the 6th house of diseases and debts. Mars is placed in its joy and might very well promote the topics of the 6th house indicating further increase in illness for people. It might not necessarily be covid because there is no direct connection between Mars and the Nodes. However, there is illness inherent in this chart due to one more reason. The Sun, the ruler of the 9th house of Leo, is placed in the 1st house. The Lot of illness is placed in the 9th house and the Sun is also the ruler of the lot of illness. With the Sun placed in the 1st house, there is a direct indication that we might see some form of illness which will further put people of the world under pressure. Given the fact that the Sun is the ruler of the 9th house (fortune), we can conclude that the illness might not be as devastating but a matter of concern nevertheless. 

General Well-being

Jupiter is placed in the 4th house of Pisces aspecting the 8th house, 10th house and the 12th house which might result in the mitigation of some of the difficult effects of the transformations that we are going through as a human race on the whole. Although the governments will have many challenges both short term and long term, it looks like they will tackle them at a reasonably successful level because of Jupiter’s aspect. Jupiter certainly limits the loss in general and also the impact in the job market, there will be lay-offs but it might not be as worse as it was during the 2008 financial crisis. Jupiter strongly placed in the 4th house ensures to uplift or maintain the general domestic well-being of the people. This surely is not the time to quit the job and look for any change in general because of the current economic situation across the world.

All these are general thoughts on the chart but the impact to different individuals might be very different due to the placements in the nativities.

Let Peace Be!

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