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Annual Profections from Indu Lagna

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Parashara, in the 5th chapter of Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra stresses the importance and usage of the special ascendants that uncovers the hidden topics in a nativity. This is almost like an Indian equivalent to the Hellenistic concept of Hermetic lots. In this regard, Indu Lagna is one of the special ascendants that uncovers the wealth conditions of the native and the native’s ability to sustain the earned wealth. Annual Profections is one of my favourite astrological timing techniques. This is yet another step in my work of integrating the Eastern and Western techniques. In this article, I will explore a specific event in the life of hollywood director, Steven Spielberg where I am going to be using Annual Profections from Indu Lagna.

Event: Steven Spielberg got married in the year 1985 and got divorced in the year 1989 which is considered to be one of the costliest divorces in history. Stven Spielberg had to part away with $100 million and give it to Irving (his wife) as a part of the divorce deal. This event is very compelling to any astrologer and it is very hard to refrain from looking at the nativity of Spielberg.

Nativity of Steven Spielberg

Profecting from Indu Lagna

Natal rising is Gemini and Indu Lagna is also Gemini. So, the profections of the natal ascendant (Lagna) will also apply. However, to stay within the context, I will address only Indu Lagna. Indu Lagna ruler Mercury is placed in the 6th house of Scorpio. Looking at profections, the native was living through the 2nd house profection from Indu Lagna (Wealth ascendant). 2nd house from Indu Lagna is Cancer ruled by the Moon. In fact, ruler of the year Moon is reasonably well placed in the 5th house along with natural benefics Venus and Jupiter. Venus’ domicile strength also is a good reception to the Moon. Moreover, Moon, the sect light is placed with a strongly placed Venus (most favourable benefic of the sect). Moon is also placed in the Jupiter’s bounds. This bound in Libra ruled by Jupiter is "Wealth producing, but despite that, this term is characteristic of unlucky men, cheerlessly hoarding their possessions, living without ostentation, with a sordid lifestyle, with no appreciation of beauty, censorious and not, of course blessed with children". [Vettius Valens’ Anthology - Page 7, A Translation by Mark Riley ]. Obviously, the native had a lot of wealth but couldn’t live with all of it as he had to part ways with $100 million. Still, this doesn’t seems to be a very convincing reason for why the native had such a costly divorce.

Cancer was hosting Saturn (Rx) which is the ruler of the 8th house (also the 9th house). When a malefic star is posited in a sign that is activated by profections, there is always some difficulty that passes by during the period in the life of the native. Saturn being activated from the 2nd house from Indu Lagna is certainly not a case of gaining wealth. On the other hand, Saturn is also placed in its detriment. Interestingly, Saturn which is also activated along with the Moon (because Saturn is placed in Cancer), is the triplicity lord of the Moon. Ideally, configuration with the triplicity lord should facilitate the lord of the year to bring good results. However, in this case, Saturn being received by Moon (Moon applying to a tight square with Saturn) has turned out to be a hard aspect which resulted in negative results.

Here’s what Vettius Valens says about the configuration of malefics with the luminaries."The connections made will have differing effects because of the nature of the stars: the Sun and the Moon when transmitting to Saturn are indicative of setbacks and anxieties and they bring hostility from the great and threats due to old religious matters, losses, trials, confrontations, suspicions, dubious livelihoods and ranks, ruin, as well as bodily disorders and dangers, shipwrecks, sudden collapses and very many crises - all this unless a benefic in conjunction or aspect weakens the onset of the crisis". [Vettius Valens’ Anthology - Page 73, A Translation by Mark Riley]. In this case, we have two benefics in conjunction with the ruler of the year. However, Jupiter becomes a functional malefic which is out of sect. Jupiter, also the 7th lord indicates losses due to wife or partner. This is a fine example of literal manifestations during the appropriate period of the native’s life.

Indu Lagna is placed in Ardra nakshatra ruled by Rahu. Interestingly, Rahu's position in transit chart becomes compelling to dig deep. Rahu is posited in the 12th house in the natal chart which is the house of loss. Rahu, is transiting through the Sathabeesha Nakshatra (ruled by Rahu) in Aquarius which is the 8th house from the activated sign (profecting from Indu Lagna), Cancer. This is again a visceral manifestation because this is almost as if thie entire event waited for this particular period as Rahu is applying to a sextile with natal Sun and Mars in the 7th house.

Primary directions of the ruler of the year (Moon)

Moon, in the sign of its fall (Scorpio) is in the bounds of Saturn. Saturn also becomes the promissor and the time lord during this period and hence, the loss that the native faced is pretty much there on the cards explicitly with some degree of deep investigation. In the nativity, Moon is applying to an ugly tight square with Saturn which signifies loss of wealth, anxiety and depression.


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