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Astrology Software Recommendations

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Honestly, you don’t need to pay money to get a good astrology software. Enjoy!

During the early days of our astrological learning, we might not care much about the software we need to cast the charts because we are largely satisfied with some of the free sources that can satisfy out job of getting a chart calculated. However, once we start learning more techniques and as we get deeper in our pursuit of learning astrology, we tend to get bored with the limited features of some of the free sources. Many people begin with (Western) or Jagannatha Hora (Vedic) and I know it is extremely useful. (Just click the images to go to the software links.

Planet Dance

Planet Dance - Hellenistic Module

Planet Dance is my primary astrology software that is developed by Jean Cremers and team. Developers of PD (Planet Dance) have completely dedicated their heart and soul in giving away this amazing gift for the astrologers. PD has clearly eliminated my need of purchasing an expensive astrology software with the astounding features that it offers. PD is a goldmine for a traditional astrologer. Having said, it is also a very competent application for modern astrologers. PD is one of the very few (if not the only one) free astrology programs to offer an astrocartography module. I am personally in love with the Hellenistic module of the chart. Imagine a free astrology program calculate the zodiacal releasing periods, hermetic lots, Oikodespotes (Master of the Nativity) and many other Hellenistic features. Interestingly, PD also offers a Vedic module with Nakshatras. PD is also a good program for synastry To sum up, PD is a fantastic astrology program for all the astrologers and researchers.


Morinus is a wonderful and a simple to use astrology program which has a modern version and a traditional version. I use a traditional version and it is an amazing software especially to extract images for articles and books. Morinus’ black and white theme appears to have been designed only for the easiness of the writers and publishers. Morinus is one of the very few astrology programs that has an amazing module to calculate the primary directions. I love distributing through bounds in Morinus as the table is so clear and candid in displaying the details. Apart from that, all the other basic features of astrology are available in this software. I like calculating the secondary progressions through Morinus. Along with PD, Mornus is a program that I have using frequently these days because I am working with distributing through bounds. Morinus also offers Firdaria and profections.

Jagannatha Hora - Vedic Astrology

Still I clearly recommend JHora for Vedic Astrologers and it really doesn’t matter if you are a new astrologer or an established astrologer. JHora will do the job for you with its wide range of features and options that are available. JHora, developed by Mr. Narasimha Rao offers almost all of the features that are very important for a Vedic Astrologer. All the divisional charts including the degrees in the vargas are available. In fact, the idea of calculating separate dasas for the Varga charts are also enabled in JHora. Even though I totally reject this idea, it is available for those who are interested in calculating standalone dasa systems for the varga charts. Apart from technical stuff like Thithi Pravesha, Tajika and Ashtakavarga, the basic details are easily available on the basic home screen of the software. The software is reasonably easy to customize to the need and preferences of an astrologer and moving the calendar option is also available which makes the job easier for some research purposes or while checking transits.

Paid Astrology Programs

I use Bindu Astrology Software (Ehsan Khazeni) and Kala (Ernst Wilhelm) for Vedic Astrology and I really like both the softwares. Kala has a lot of customization options and endless features while Bindu offers a very aesthetic interface and it is actually tailor made for horary astrology with its live feature. The time runs while the software is open and the transit is always recorded for that very second we are actually meaning to cast a consultation or a horary chart. This is a very nice feature in Bindu Astrology Software. I do not recommend any other paid programs because I have not used them. I did not need to purchase any software for Western traditional astrology as PD and Morinus kind of completely satisfied the current demand of my astrological hunger.

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