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At the Turning of Years: A Book on Solar forecasting

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

At the turning of years: A book on Solar Forecasting is a new book out in the community written by astrologer Rok Koritnik from Slovenia. The foreword of the book has been penned by the illustrious Anthony Louis. One can't ask for a better endorsement. As the name suggests, the book is about the practical working of the annual predictive methods focussing primarily on Solar Returns in tandem with Annual Profections.

The book is sized at 6*9 which is common for most astrology books these days. However, the author has chosen cream coloured paper instead of white which is quite unique for an astrology book. The font (Palatino Linotype) and its size are really pleasing and easy on the eye. The spacing of the words and sentences are really perfect which enriches the reading experience. The figures from Morinus are simple and elegant on paper and it's easy to read the charts.

Rok Koritnik has constructed the chapters in such a way that this book can be easily read by an astrologer who is familiar with the idea of planets, signs, houses and aspects. The book can be separated into two parts. The first part deals with the conceptual framework that forms the basis of the work while the 2nd part deals with rich examples that help the readers understand the nuances necessary for an astrologer to use these techniques in a client session.

In the first chapter, he deals with the fundamental concepts of traditional astrology such as sect, angular strength, reception and dignity. In addition, the author also talks about the Lots (Arabic parts and Dodekatemoria (12th parts) which are not so commonly discussed topics, especially the 12th parts. I don’t recall any modern book on traditional astrology that talks about the usage of the 12th parts except my own book (Firdaria: Periods of Life). The author emphasizes the importance of subtle techniques like these which help us identify the hidden riddles of the nativities.

In the 2nd chapter, Koritnik deals with a very popular traditional timelord technique called Annual Profections. Profections is very common and it is used by many astrologers (even the modern astrologers) but again, there are not many books besides the translations which show the practical usage of the technique with examples. Solar Returns is dealt with in the 3rd chapter and again, this is one of the very few books that talk about Solar Returns in length from a traditional perspective. The author gives methodology to read the solar return charts and this makes it very easier even for a new astrologer who is just starting out his studies on the subject.

The 4th chapter has yet another unique selling point of the book in which the author deals with the monthly profection and the steps to timing events using the solar return and annual profections. Not many people in the community have written about the usage of monthly profections in a practical context. After the 4th chapter, the author presents a ton of examples dealing with various objective events of life like relationships, marriages, childbirth, illnesses, accidents, surgeries, milestones and turning points in life. Koritnik takes a bold step further to introduce a new timing technique in the 9th chapter called “Additional Timelords”. Innovation is the key to furthering any field of study and Rok Koritnik deserves to be appreciated for his uninterrupted sense of contributing towards the community by sharing his findings with the world.

At the turning of years is a very valuable and a unique contribution to the astrological community because Rok Koritnik has presented Solar Returns in a completely traditional perspective besides his brilliant work with monthly profections; not to forget the brave introduction of additional timelords. Rok Koritnik is one of the rarest breeds of astrologers in the world who study all the three ancient traditions - Indian, Hellenistic and Medieval Persian. He has carefully weaved his universal knowledge in the book and this will be evident in his chart delineations.

Why buy this book?

We all would have some things that we assume or take for granted but we might not be an expert because of lack of practice. This book would give you some pleasant reality checks in taking you further with those taken-for-granted subtle things to make you an expert and more importantly, it also will help you to easily integrate into your practice. Any astrology book is worth only when it helps us in practice. I can assure this book goes many miles with that. Besides translation from original languages, there are very few books that offer a practical framework to apply the annual traditional methods in practice and this book is certainly one of the best ones which will assist many more generations of astrologers to come! Anthony Louis' foreword is a testimony to the excellent work by Rok Koritnik. I surely know that this is just the beginning of a writing career that will serve the astrological community for many years to come. For now, will you do yourselves a favour by getting a copy of this book? :-)


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