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David Carpenter's detriment or exile

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Earlier I published a post on detriment and I found that detriment, as a dignity is certainly working very well in nativities. Click here to read my article on detriment. Recently, I read an article on Seven Stars astrology about David Carpenter’s chart. Looking at David Carpenter’s chart, I immediately wanted to check the primary directions the moment after I noticed that Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini (7th house).

Dignity stronger than reception

Dignity of a planet is of paramount importance and whenever the planet is activated as the time lord, event manifestations will largely be in line with the dignity of the planet and its lordship. However, reception come in to act as mitigating factors. For instance, a native who gets sentenced for 7 years might come out in 3 or 4 years if there is a good reception. This is very evident in David Carpenter’s chart because Mercury receives Jupiter in Gemini.

Sadly, Carpenter was paroled to a halfway house shortly after his birthday in 1979, after serving less than 9 years. Within months of his release he had become a serial killer. Previously, he had not killed anyone. It is believed that he killed at least 10 people between August 1979 and May of 1981. Most of his victims were women hiking along scenic trails in the San Francisco area. Many of the victims were raped. He was arrested just after his 51st birthday. (by Seven stars astrology)

Primary Directions

1979-81 - Arrested for serial killing crimes and rapes

Jupiter’s bound in Scorpio rose to the MC in the 1976 and this Jupiter was the time lord until October 1981. Towards the end of this period, the native was arrested for his serial killing crimes and rapes.

Jupiter, ruling the 1st and 4th houses is posited in the 7th house and Jupiter is in its detriment in the sign of Gemini. Interestingly, Jupiter is posited in the bound of Mars in the natal chart and Mars rules the 12th house indicating jail. Jupiter detriment is one of the major indicators of the native’s imprisonment. Being in jail is obviously something close to exile or living in uncomfortable conditions.

1988-89 - Convicted for first degree murder

The second trial opened in San Diego on January 5, 1988. Deputy DA John Posey had a huge job ahead of him in his first death-penalty case, with more than sixty witnesses, but he'd long prepared for the task. Carpenter's attorneys were public defenders Frank Cox and Steve Berlin. Robert Graysmith attended this proceeding and offers a first-hand account. Unlike the Los Angles trial, in which the defense had offered few witnesses, Carpenter's witness list this time numbered over thirty, and he himself would testify. It took until May 10, in a trial that once again proved that Carpenter's gun was the one that shot the victims, and he was convicted of all five of those murders. He'd offered carefully constructed alibis, but the prosecutors proved that his documentation had been altered or that he'd been mistaken about some of his dates. On May 10, 1988, a San Diego jury convicted Carpenter of first degree murder in the slayings of Richard Stowers, Cynthia Moreland, Shauna May, Diana O'Connell, and Anne Alderson.

By primary directions, both MC and AC are placed in the bound of Jupiter thereby making Jupiter as the time lord. Jupiter’s bound of Sagittarius rose to the MC and Jupiter bound in Aquarius rose to the AC.

Since Jupiter is ruling both the major angles (AC and MC), Jupiter is extremely prominent at this point of time in the life of David Carpenter. Jupiter, in detriment is clearly descriptive of his yet another jail life. The native did not find much reprieve despite a few attorneys were available to present his case and he himself testified the crimes. This again is the quality of Jupiter in detriment in terms of being submissive to the conditions of the house of exile!

By 12th Parts and by lordships

Jupiter is in Capricorn by 12th parts and this is a debilitated position. Ruler of the ascendant and the time lord being in a debilitated position by 12th parts is a very unfortunate position. 4th house indicates home land and domestic conditions of the native. Ruler of the 4th house in detriment symbolically indicates exile or jail. Jupiter, by 12th parts will be in the same sign of Capricorn as Saturn(Rx) and will square the natal Mars (ruler of the 12th house).


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