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Did Ellen DeGeneres give away the correct birth time?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Ellen Degeneres, an American TV actor and comedian, won the Carol Burnett award in the 77th Golden Globe Awards where she apparently gave away her birth time, 08:43 AM. Before getting into the details of her accolades in the Golden Globe Awards, I thought I’d do a horary to see if the birth time is correct.

In the horary chart, we see that the AC falls in the fixed sign of Aquarius and the ruler of the Moon, Mars is well dignified in the most powerful angular house (10th) and also in the fixed sign of Scorpio. Ruler of the AC, Saturn is posited in the 11th house in a whole sign opposition with the lot of fortune. Moon in Aries is applying to a square with Venus in the 12th house of Capricorn. Mars is a very influential planet in the chart because Mars is the dispositor of the Moon and it is placed in the 10th house. Saturn, ruler of AC, is placed in the bound of Mars. Moon is placed in the bound of Mars in the 3rd house of communication. William Lilly says that the rumours are likely to be true if the Lord of the AC is placed in angular or succedent. Saturn is in a succedent house in the horary chart. Mercury which rules news and communication is also placed in the 11th house and in its own bound with reception from Jupiter.

She may not have intended to give away the time but she did (which she might be regretting now) because of so many planets in the 11th house which indicates bringing out things to limelight that were hidden for so long. Interestingly, there might not be an official confirmation if she’d actually given away the correct time because Saturn is under the beams.So, horary might be the only way to find if the time Ellen gave is correct or not. Looking at what we see, I think she had given away her correct birth time. Horary rising and the natal rising is Aquarius which is a symbolic indication that the birth time is correct.

Firdaria - Saturn distributing in the Firdar of Jupiter

Jupiter, the major Firdar lord is posited in the 9th house of Libra. 2nd and 11th lord placed in the 9th house indicates that the native will be ranked and conferred upon with accolades and awards. Jupiter is also applying to a square with Venus in Capricorn and thereby has a reasonable reception in Libra.

Saturn is posited in the 10th house of Scorpio in its own bound. Saturn is also a very potent planet here it rules the AC. Saturn is also placed in the powerful angular house and is an in sect malefic. See what Robert Hand has said about Saturn in page# 21 of his book, Night & Day, Planetary Sect in Astrology:

Saturn — Saturn, like Mars, is one of the planets for which the correctness of sect placement is most important. Saturn in a diurnal chart or diurnally placed in a chart with all other things being equal produces the best qualities of Saturn, discipline, order, and respect. It is even capable of indicating great success and social standing. In no way did the ancient writers consider such a Saturn to be unlucky. It is not in any real sense a malefic. This of course assumes that Saturn is not itself afflicted or essentially debilitated.

Ruler of the 1st house, Saturn in the 10th house is a very powerful position and it is bound to put the native in limelight and fame is a byproduct of being in the limelight for a good reason.

Jupiter and Saturn both in sect are well placed in the natal chart even though they are not in domiciles or exaltation. Hence, this period is certainly a very important period where the native is most likely to achieve some rank and honor which rightfully happened.


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