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Directing the Ascendant of Solar Revolutions

In previous posts, I wrote about working with multiple techniques along with Solar Revolutions. Continuing in that series, I am moving a step forward by using Directing the solar revolutions ascendant. For this I'm using actress Drew Barrymore's chart to see the astrological indicators of the house fire just ⅔ days before her solar return in February 2001. Astrologer and prolific writer, Anthony Louis and I, have spoken about how not much is getting revealed astrologically when it comes to this particular event in Drew Barrymore's life. However, this technique has given some straightforward and visceral indications of the house fire.

Towards the end of the 3rd house profection year, during the early hours of February 19, 2001, Drew Barrymore's house was on fire. When the reporters asked about the event, Drew said that their dog woke them up and saved their lives. This tragedy resulted in a loss of about $7,00,000.

Ruler of the year, the Moon is posited in the 2nd House along with Saturn. 2nd house is the 12th from the 3rd house. 12th from any house is loss and here, we have the Lord of the year indicating loss to the family or household. In the solar revolutions chart, the ascendant falls in Aries which is the 12th house of the nativity which is a double indication of loss during the year.

The Moon, ruler of the year in the 6th house of solar revolutions, probably indicates the pet playing an important role in saving the life of the native. Virgo, being the 5th house of the nativity played an important role in the life being saved without injuries. The Moon is in a whole sign square with Mars (12th House) in the solar revolutions chart which is a straightforward indicator of loss due to fire. Cancer becomes the 4th house of the solar revolutions chart thereby making house or personal property an added theme.

Now, while we direct the solar revolutions ascendant in Aries, by the time the house caught fire, the ascendant fell in Jupiter's bound of Aries. Ben Dykes mentioned in one of his lectures that the signs angular to the sign of the year will become crucial when the directed ascendant of the solar revolutions fall in those signs. In this nativity, cardinal signs become important because Cancer is the sign of the year. This is a very telling example because Aries is also the 12th house of the nativity indicating loss. The coming of the AC into Aries again towards the end of the year into the same sign turned out to be extremely critical as the event suggests.


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