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Directing the Hyleg - II

Decapitation of Henri Coiffier

Execution of Cinq-Mars and De Thou in Paris (1642), engraving by Johann Luyken, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France

Astrologer Anthony Louis published an article on his blog, “Morin and the Beheading of Henri d’Effiat” in January of 2012. This was an example from the Astrologia Gallica – Book 22 which dealt with the interpretation of the nativity. Obviously, Morin gave an example with the tropical placements of the planets in Henri Coiffier’s nativity. Anthony re-erected a horoscope using the placements provided by Morin. Anthony and I had a discussion on the chart yesterday (25 July 2020) and discussed the chart from Jyotish and traditional western astrology perspectives and it was interesting to see the correlations of the astrological symbolisms of this event.

For more details on the life of Henri Coiffier, please visit the below links:

I decided to look at the sidereal chart of Henrie Coiffier to see what Astrology says. Leo was rising when the native was born and hence the Sun’s position is extremely significant. The Sun is placed in the 8th house of Pisces along with Mercury (debilitated). Mercury, the ruler of the 2nd and the 11th house which indicates the fact that there is no much family left (father died in 1632 when the native was just 12). Both the Sun and Mercury are bereft of any reception from Jupiter because of aversion.

Ruler of the 5th and the 8th, Jupiter is placed in the 9th house of Aries along with Mars and Venus. Both Mars and Venus are out of sect and conjunction with Mars/Venus is not a condition we would welcome. The Nodes of the Moon took residence in the Gemini (Ketu) – Sagittarius (Rahu) axis. The Lot of Fortune is reeling in the nodal axis. More importantly, the Sun and Mercury are in whole sign square with the Nodes which are critical in deciding the course of the native’s life. It certainly indicates danger or trouble especially when the Sun is activated or when the Nodes are activated.


This time, (unlike the previous article) I decided not to rely upon the software to calculate the Hyleg. No planet is placed in the hylegical positions of 7th and 11th. Saturn is placed in the 10th house. However, as far as the rules go, we must consider the sect light (the Sun) which is placed in the 8th house. 8th house is not a hylegical position but an aversion from the Ascendant. Hence, we must rule out the Sun as hyleg.

The next candidate is the Moon. The Moon is placed in the 6th house which is again aversion from the Ascendant and hence the Moon also cannot become the Hyleg. Now that both the luminaries are ruled out, we are left with prenatal conjunction (prenatal conjunction is the last conjunction of the Sun and the Moon before the birth of the native) considering that the nativity is by day. Ptolemy suggests considering the Lot of Fortune for the nocturnal nativities. However, I have just taken the liberty of distributing the Lot of Fortune through the bounds too as I found it revealing.

The Prenatal Conjunction

The prenatal conjunction, i.e. the New Moon before the birth occurred at 25°43’ Aquarius. Before even distributing the prenatal conjunction point at 25°43’ Aquarius, let us notice the conditions of the point itself. PN (prenatal conjunction) squares Saturn in the 10th house. This is a pretty tight square. Unfortunately, the PN does is already past the benefic aspects of Jupiter and Venus. The only aspect that the PN is forming after the birth is the square with Saturn. Benefic configuration adds to the number of years while the malefic configuration only reduces the number of years in the life of the native. As per the nativity, Aquarius is the 7th house, where there was a prenatal conjunction at 25°43’ and the DC is at 24°26’. So, we see that the PN is almost about to set below the horizon and the last aspect it forms before setting is Saturn. Saturn is the significator of longevity/death. Here, we have a symbolic indication of ending as the PN would have made its way below the horizon within just one year after the native’s birth by primary motion considering Ptolemy’s 1° is equal to 1-year idea.

Distributing the prenatal conjunction & the Lot of Fortune

The native was executed on 12 September 1642 when was 22 years old. If we distribute the point of PN through the bounds, we see that the PN is in the bounds of Jupiter participated by the Moon (sextile aspect). Jupiter becomes the major time lord and the Moon becomes the participating time lord. Directly, this doesn’t seem to be a very disturbing period. However, it doesn’t take much time for us to find out what is really going on.

Jupiter rules the 5th and the 8th and is placed in the 9th house along with Mars and Venus. Holding the lordship over the 5th, Jupiter answers the questions pertaining to the way of life that the native was living during the period. He was a close confidant of the king but also kept the conspiracy brewing behind the scenes which is an 8th house matter. The Sun in the 8th house along with debilitated Mercury is a direct natal indication of the native not in lines with the government as the native conspired against the king’s own minister and planned to have him executed.

While we distribute the Lot of Fortune, we see that it is moving through the bounds of Mars squaring the Sun. Thus, Mars is the major time lord while the Sun is the participating time lord. In this case, there is a strong indication of the event. Mars is placed in the 9th house of Aries while the Sun is placed in the 8th house. Aries representing the head and 8th lord Jupiter in conjunction with Mars kind of gives a feeling of cutting of the head which led to death. The Sun is the ruler of the 1st house and it further reaffirms the nature of the event.

Beyond the Hyleg - Distributing Saturn through the bounds

Saturn is the significator of longevity and hence it made sense to check what happens if we distribute Saturn through the bounds, after all Saturn is placed in the strongest hylegical position of the 10th house.

Saturn, by distributions is placed in the bounds of Mars and squares the Sun. Mars is the major time lord and Sun is the participating timelord. Like the Lot of Fortune, distributing Saturn is also quite visceral and depicts the nature of the event. Mars cuts off the head and Sun indicates the decision by the government.


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Henrie Coiffier

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