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Directing the Hyleg - III

Assassination of John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy was born with Virgo rising. Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant is placed in the 8th house in the Saturnian bounds of Aries. Valens describes this bound as cold, malicious, barren and injured. Moreover, ruler of the Ascendant in the 8th house is not a very strong position considering the length of life (one of the factors but not all). Saturn, yet another significator of longevity is placed in the 11th house of Cancer. Although Saturn enjoys the house, we must strongly consider the fact that Saturn is posited in the detriment.


Determining the Hyleg in this chart is not straight forward. In this post and henceforth, I might not consider the 9th house as a hylegical place like Ptolemy suggests because Hyleg is potentially a strong planet that has a say in the native’s life. 9th house is a cadent house and hence, a planet cannot be strong in the chart except for dignity when it placed in the 9th house. There is no hylegical candidate in the Ascendant, 7th house, 10th house and 11th house. Ptolemy allows all the planets to be Hyleg. However, there is a of ambiguity as to the candidates of a hyleg and the conditions for diurnal and nocturnal nativities in terms of dealing with the length of life technique. Ancient astrologers like Dorotheus, Ptolemy and Valens were not on the same page.

Distribution of AC and LoF

I am using the Lot of Fortune and the Ascendant (not as dual Hyleg – but as potential points to describe the event) to see what is depicted in the chart. First image is AC and the second image is LoF.

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. If we distribute the Ascendant through the bounds, we can see that the AC has entered by bounds of Mars in Scorpio by September mid-1953 and hence Mars will remain as the major distributor until the AC makes its way out of the bounds of Mars which is on 19th January 1964.

AC is also in trine to Saturn making Saturn, the participating planet. Mars ruling the 3rd and the 8th posited in the 8th house itself along with the ruler of the Ascendant describes the nature of death. Being shot is clearly a Martian thing to make matters worse, Saturn which rules the 5th and importantly 6th as well, is placed in the 11th house of Cancer in detriment. Don’t forget to notice that Saturn and Mars are in a whole sign square.

In distributing the Lot of Fortune (LoF), we see that again Mars is involved. LoF is placed in the bounds of Mars and squares the Sun. The Sun is the ruler of the 12th house and signifies endings. But it is not directly notable that the native got shot looking at the Sun’s position. There is just a symbolic indication of an end. 9th house is the 10th from 12th and hence, the Sun is certainly involved in action during the occurrence of the event.

Natal 12th house is the 1st house of the Solar Revolutions which partially cements the fact that there is going to be some form of ending. In the SR, we can also notice that the Sun and Mars are squaring which is even more descriptive considering the event where Sun is hosting Mars in Leo. Natal 8th house is the 10th house of the SR where MC is also placed indicates the significance of the 8th house matters during this particular year. Notice Saturn squaring Mercury (tight) and the MC in the SR.


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