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England, Henceforth

Updated: Jun 20

Europe, due to their inability to solve their own problems, played their part in causing misery to mankind over the past century by being home to two major wars. Today, most of Europe is in chaos because of a variety of problems currently fuelled by the war between Russia and Ukraine. England is no different but they have had their own problems which is now culminating with the premature end of Boris Johnson’s tenure as their prime minister. This was astrologically known and it came as no surprise. Rishi Sunak lost the race as the candidate to be the PM to Liz Truss. There was no need for astrology to understand that Rishi Sunak wouldn’t make it to the finish line. Moreover, there is no authentic birth data that is publicly available. Since there is no birth data of Liz Truss as well, astrological analysis was not possible. However, I wanted to write a brief note about the conditions related to economics, politics and general well being by taking the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and Aries Ingress charts into consideration.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction - 2020

Cancer was rising with the Moon in the 9th house of Pisces with Jupiter debilitated in the 7th house of Capricorn. In my humble experience, I have not seen neecha banga work without a downfall to start with. Hence, the decline of the British image at a global level is not really a surprise given that the Moon is also cadent with its fallen dispositor. On the other hand, Venus could receive the Moon, but the Moon makes immediate hard aspects with the Sun and Mercury. The Sun is the government and the Moon is the people. The Sun-Moon square indicates a conflict between the people and the government. This probably is only going to be a theme of this entire cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

The 10th house is the house of the King and we can study the condition of the ruler of the nation from the 10th house. Mars in Aries is very early into the sign and Aries being an odd sign, the avastha of Mars is infant and is not a potent ruler of the 10th house leaving the rulers of England in a vulnerable position for this cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. The social-economic situation in England is going to be fragile and vulnerable to criticism by the rest of the world. Saturn aspects Mars and the 10th house which confirms this entire situation.

With the 2nd ruler indicating the income and finance placed in the 6th house, we can safely say that England will deplete its financial resources marking its downfall as a major economic power. In the quest for oil, England trusting its allies will further intensify its gloomy position as a respectable nation in the world because the ruler of the 8th house of oil is placed in the 7th house which is the 12th from the 8th leading to uncertainties and loss.

Aries Ingress - 2022

While Scorpio was rising when the Sun made its ingress into Aries, Mars was in the 4th house of general well-being of the nation along with Saturn and Venus. Mars rules the 1st and the 6th houses which indicates that England is making an enemy out of themselves and doesn’t need any intervention.

Saturn being the 3rd ruler is a slightly functional malefic to Scorpio rising and Venus is a full time functional malefic placed in the 4th house disrupting the harmony of the nation along with the presence of two natural malefics. The presence of natural malefics in the 4th house is a clear indication of heavy disruption of national peace and harmony.

Chaos and confusion is the theme of the year which is further cemented by the placement of the Moon in the 10th house of Leo. The Moon is opposedly aspected by Saturn and Mars which indicates total distress and inability of the government. The Moon is placed in the bounds of Saturn and we can see that the current situation is very descriptive of it. One more interesting factor is that all the planets except the Moon besides the South Node are placed below the horizon. Isn’t this symbolic of this under the ground condition of England trying hard to get their heads up? Unfortunately, there is less chance of any revival during this year from an astrological perspective. Let us hope the people don't have much discomforts because of the political chaos.

As time progresses, I hope to write more astrological commentaries on the political and economical unfolding of matters in England.

Addendum: 07 Sep 2022

I decided to take a look at the Chakra Dasa periods of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle and in December 2020, Pisces was activated and only by late August of 2022, Aries was activated. Boris Johnson resigned on 7 July 2022 and the Pisces-Aquarius period had just begun on 5 July 2022. Pisces is the 9th house with the Moon placed in it while Aquarius is the 8th house with the ruler Saturn placed in the 7th house of Capricorn. The 8th house period is certainly an important period of transformation and the resignation of Boris Johnson is certainly aligning with the 8th house matters.

Now, the major period of Aries (August 2022 to February 2024) has just begun with Mars very early in Aries which makes it really an infant. This indicates that the King has the desire to succeed and do well but is not really competent enough to handle the matters of very high magnitude that are currently needing attention. At some level, chaos will continue and the government will be under the scanner. There are limitations and conflicts from the inside which will pose a serious threat to the better performance of the government.


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