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Europe 2023-24

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Europe, over the past century has put the entire world in precarious situations as a result of their inability to solve their own problems. Home to two world wars, they are already at the brink of starting another major global military conflict. As the Ukraine-Russia war has been a dominating factor in how things are shaping in the EU, I decided to cast a chart to Kyiv (Capital of Ukraine). France has taken major setbacks internally and has taken a major backseat in Africa. Germany is reeling under the pressure from the other western allies specifically from the United States and now, it has resulted in their supplying of weapons to Ukraine against their wishes. Entire Europe is crippled with socio-political tensions. 

As the winter is slowly fading, Russian advancements into the easternmost territories of Ukraine have been substantial as compared to the previous year. Although this is almost a repeat of the Russian invasion of Finland in WW-II where very little was earned at a very high cost, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has mentioned that the advancements in the east at this point could prove to be decisive of the outcome of the war. 

Aries Ingress 2023

As the AC is very late in the sign, we can consider it as considerably weak in the context. Adding to that, the ruler of the 1st house, Mars, is placed in the 8th house of Gemini in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries. However, the reception with the 8th ruler is only destructive and not beneficial. Hence, the situation in Europe in general is not so good. 

The 9th ruler, the Moon, is placed in the 2nd house of income, is received by the 2nd and the 5th ruler, Jupiter in Pisces. This is one reasonably good configuration that indicates that cash will flow in from various countries as aid. The MC in the 12th house also indicates the reliance of Europe or involvement and even influence of foreign powers is too much.  MC is also in the nodal axis in conjunction with Ketu. We can conclude that the foreign support is going to reduce at some point. Most of the astrological factors in this chart indicate uncertainty and MC in the 12th house is a cementing factor.

Practically, the world is going through a major economic slowdown that has just started. This will be more revealing in Ukraine as they are completely reliant on other countries for almost everything at this point. Sooner or later, during this year, the nations will shift the focus on their own nations rather than the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This move will be very natural and gradual. 

In her recent report, Molly Gambhir for WION, outlined how some of the major European nations are leaning towards resuming ties with Moscow. Germany has never been inclined in cutting off their ties with Russia if not for the pressure from the US. They are working on the insurance for Nord Stream 1. Nord Stream 2 allegedly bombed by the US will soon be in line for renovation looking at the proceedings. Spain has increased its trade with Russia. The Italian PM of the right wing who once considered Vladimir Putin as an ideological idol is expected to turn towards Moscow at any stage for further ties. With Saturn in the 4th house of Aquarius, it’s very natural that every nation will concentrate on their own affairs rather than paying attention to other things. 

From Europe’s perspective, the Sun is the ruler of the 10th house and also the natural significator of the King. The Sun is in the nodal axis and Rahu shows that the King is not seeing reality and is in an illusionistic world. The position in the 6th house, besides showing us the infant (immature or less aware) stage of the Sun (King), it also shows an undue submission. The Sun is under too much malefic influence besides the nodal axis. The Sun is configured to both Saturn and Mars by sextile. Some might argue that it is a benefic aspect but in most cases, this isn’t very good while it might just indicate less maleficence. 

Concerning France, Emmanuel Macron has had major disappointments with his hopes in keeping Africa as a puppet for their own benefit but after the backlash he faced during his trip to Africa in early 2023, it must be clear that the nations on the other side are very resilient. A strong Venus in the 7th house indicated a group of nations that are looking to be self-sustaining at least in terms of basic essentials. They might not agree with their old masters and the people across the world are losing the colonial mindset. It’s not easy to lure the post modern society with fancy trade deals. Those days are gone and that’s probably what Macron would have felt. 

Recently, in France’s Marseille, a building collapsed. Although this is before the ingress, we can see the impact already. Saturn is in the 4th house of properties and is configured with the nodes in the 6th and the 12th houses. The Moon is in the Saturnian bounds and is also opposed by Mars. Across Europe, we can see protests at different places for various reasons. Only recently, in France, we saw people protesting against the increase of retirement age of the citizens from age 62 to 64. 

The foreign policy of most European countries would be in a confused and chaotic state where it won’t benefit them or anyone in any way. With Mars in the 8th house (1st ruler), the identity of Europe will diminish and people of other countries would have a completely different perspective than what they had previously about Europe. 

The Moon (9L) is placed in the 2nd house, Jupiter (5L) is dignified but is very late in the sign, Mars is in the 8th house and 11th ruler Mercury is in the 6th house in the nodal axis. All these money related houses are weak and vulnerable to many external factors indicating the reduction in the currency value and also a slow down in the economy. 

Let peace be!

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