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Greece Train Collision

Astrologers and my friends, Levi Cosijn and Rok Koritnik, did a video analysis of astrological implications of the train collision in Greece from Vedic and Hellenistic perspectives. It was a very revealing discussion and I was curious to take a look at the sidereal chart and was immediately tempted to present my own thoughts on the astrology of the event.

From my perspective, the first step is to take a look at the Saturn-Mars conjunction chart with Capricorn rising. Saturn and Mars are placed in the 1st house in the very late degrees of the sign. Both Saturn and Mars are placed in the Martian bounds of Capricorn. In this nocturnal chart, Saturn is the difficult malefic and it is tightly conjunct the in-sect malefic Mars unleashing the wrath of this powerful combination especially with the AC also closely applying to both Saturn and Mars. This is clearly indicative of destruction. Saturn and Mars will also be descriptive of the train accident. Jupiter is placed in late Aquarius and it is the ruler of the 3rd and the 12th house. The 3rd house is communication and transport and it is placed in the 2nd house which is the 12th from the 3rd which can be an indication of loss in transport or due to transport. Mars, which is the 11th ruler, becomes a full-time malefic for Capricorn rising and therefore carries the primary responsibility of indicating difficulty. The Moon, although very strong in Taurus, is falling in the nodal axis and with the IC in the 5th house also in the nodal axis, we can see a general disruption of comfort and well-being.

By Mundane profections and Chakra Dasa, the 6th house of Gemini was activated with Mercury being the ruler and Mercury is combust and falls in the 3rd house of transportation. This seems to be very visceral. There seems to be some ignorance of communication or mishap in the same but I don't want to get into that. However, astrological implication seems to be very explicit here.

Libra Ingress - Athens

In the Libra Ingress chart, we see that Mercury is exalted in the 1st house but Venus has fallen in the terms of Saturn indicating difficulties. In my practice, Neecha Banga (reception in debility or cancellation of debilitation) works only after a major downfall. The difference is, while a debilitated planet doesn’t have resources at all, reception only adds the ability to work but not before facing a failure. The biggest indicator in this chart is the nodes in the Libra-Scorpio axis with the Sun falling in the nodal zone. This indicates hardship to the government. The 10th house is also the house of the government and the king. Mars and the Moon are placed in the 10th house. The sect light in the 10th house is great but its conjunction with the 8th ruler is the affliction here. The MC is also close to Mars which needs no explanation. The most striking feature of this chart is Saturn squaring the Nodes which surely indicates accidents and economic downfall. Basically this is an astrological description of misery, difficult pivots and resource shortages. While Mars squares the AC and MC, it also squares the maraka, Jupiter which is already powerful in its domicile, Pisces.

By applying Profections in Libra Ingress, we arrive at the 11th house of Cancer while the Moon in the 10th house conjunct Mars and also in the 12th house from its own place of Cancer indicating decay of its rulership related significations.

Preceding Luantion

The new moon chart seems to be very good because of the placement of Jupiter and Venus in the rising sign but Venus rules the 3rd and the 8th houses. It doesn’t necessarily constitute a misfortune but we need to take a look at the 10th house where the new moon fell and it is conjunct Saturn indicating losses, accidents and difficulties. Saturn-Sun-Moon combination squares Mars by sign. Further, the nodes fall in the 2-8 axis which is always indicative of loss of lives or money in many cases. Moreover, the 7th house (Maraka) of the Libra Ingress chart rose in the lunation chart and hence, we can see the prominence of death being indicated in the lunation as well. The placement of strong Jupiter and Venus only asserts this fact!

In this tragedy where there was a train collision in Greece, many people lost their lives and many were left wounded. Innocent people don’t deserve such misfortunes. Let us hope and pray that the near and dear people of the victims have the strength to live through this tough phase.

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