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Horary of packages from India to Sweden

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Are the packages safe and will they be delivered without any trouble or loss?

Two packages were sent from India to Sweden on August 3, 2019 but the status of only one package was updated and the other wasn’t updated. It showed as if it was still lying in India itself. I was asked a question whether the packages would reach safely without any troubles or loss?

Answer on the day of horary question:

Packages are safe and have reached the destination (Sweden). They will soon be delivered in another 3 or 4 days time.

With the Ascendant at 27° Pisces, I took it as an indication of the package already delivered or close to be delivered. Ruler of Pisces, Jupiter in own bounds in the 9H of Scorpio is a pretty strong position. According to the early Hellenistic authors, a planet in its own bounds is like being in its own sign. Jupiter in its own bounds means that the package has reached its foreign destination after the foreign travel which is signified by the 9H. Moreover, Jupiter is also in the sign as the lot of fortune and hence, there is no chance of the packages being lost or spoiled. The package is super safe and already there.

7H, Virgo and its lord Mercury rules the receiving party. Mercury is placed in Cancer. Even though Cancer is not a very comfortable placement for Mercury, it is applying to a trine with the sender (Jupiter) and is applying to a sign based trine with the ascendant. With both Jupiter and Mercury in a nice angle from the ascendant indicates that there is no real trouble in terms of losing the package or incurring some loss. One more connection is that Jupiter is placed in Jyestha nakshatra ruled by Mercury.

3rd lord (ruling postages), Venus is placed in the 5th house which is again a good position from the rising sign and the rising lord. However, Venus is combust which makes it invisible. Hence, there was a technical issue in the post office website as the tracking details were not updated. Venus’ angle with Jupiter and conjunction with Mercury is a good sign to establish that the package is safe and not lost but only the information is not available about the packages.

Moon is also in angle from the ascendant as it is placed in the 10th house which is the house of action. Moon is placed in Moola Nakshatra which indicates origins and roots. I gave the horary answer on 10th August and on 12th August, I came to know that the packages had reached Sweden airport and are yet to be delivered to the receiver. Our destination is the other party’s home which is the roots or origins. Moreover, 10H is the place of action and the Moon is approaching the MC which indicates that the action (delivery) is to be made soon.

Proximity of Saturn and the nodal axis to the MC along with the combustion of Venus were reasons for panic and unwanted tension surrounding the delivery which was due to the technical fault as a result of which the tracking details were not updated on the website. Moreover, Saturn is also placed in its own bounds which again indicates that despite the clouds, the game will continue as the rain gods will give way.

Ruler of Jupiter and the lot of fortune, Mars (1°) is just entering Leo and it is an indication that packages might just have reached Sweden close to the time when the question was asked.


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