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Horary - Will the partner get back in touch and what is the motive?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Someone asked me the question in the title bar and I initially thought it might be better to have the nativity to answer this question. However, when I checked the horary chart, I found it to be revealing. I still feel the nativity might be of more help in tandem with the horary I wanted to check this out with horary as a standalone chart. Before answering, let us break the question into two and see what we arrive at.

Will the partner get back in touch?

An important information here is that the querent was in a long distance relationship with quesited and they have been in touch for over a year now. Why does the querent feel like they would get in touch with quesited or the other way?

Taurus was rising when I (the astrologer), made a connect with the querent’s question. Lord of the ascendant, Venus is posited in the detrimental sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is certainly not a territory where Venus enjoys. However, Venus is in configuration with the lot of eros (opposition) and the lot of spirit (conjunction). But, Venus is in 16°43’ of Scorpio while the lot of eros is in 6° of Taurus and Venus is already past the conjunction and it has gone a long way. Venus has also moved far away from the lot of spirit in 00°40’ Scorpio.

Venus, the lord of the ascendant is not in any kind of geometrical configuration with Mars which is the lord of the 7th house indicating the quesited. But importantly, Venus and Mars are in mutual exchange. Mars is in Libra and Venus is in Scorpio. This is a very strong indication of some kind of connection between the querent and the quesited.

Another important factor is, Venus is in the house of the quesited, i.e. venus is in the 7th house which signifies the quesited. Venus is not really making any aspect with any planetary body which puts Venus in a very limited space in detriment and is bereft of attention. But, since Venus is in the house that signifies quesited and is in a mutual exchange with Mars, it makes me come to a concrete conclusion that the querent is in the place where the quesited is living. Some form of connection is surely being established. Interestingly, Mars is also the hour lord.

The Moon Factor

Moon is placed in the 12th house of Aries 01°08’ and Venus is just separating from a trine with Jupiter (01°07’ - Sagittarius) by a minute. The Moon is applying to an opposition to Mars in the 6th house. Mars indicates the quesited. We see a connection that is established but again a separating connection. 6th house connection is also not an auspicious one despite the fact that Mars is the 7th lord.

Moon is going to be applying to a trine with Ketu (16°50’ - Sagittarius). Ketu indicates the “past” and this is a good indication that there will be a connection. The next aspect that Moon is making will be a trine to Saturn which will again open the door for things to happen but with a lot of restrictions and preconceived ideas about the situation. There is a sign based (long way to go) opposition that Moon forms with Mercury (26°12’ Libra). Mercury rules the 5th house of love. This seems to be the least factor but not to be ignored nevertheless.

What is the motive?

There is not a lot of malefic influence (Mars is far away from the square aspect with Rahu at 16°50 Gemini. From the top, it looks like there are no ulterior motives behind the reason to reestablish the connection. However, if we dig deep, 11th lord Jupiter is in the 8th house in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu. Jupiter is the natural significator of income and money. With the 11th lord strongly placed with domicile strength in the 8th house, the 8th house being the 2nd from the 7th house (house of the quesited), the quesited might reach out to the native with view to get some financial help. This is pretty clear from the chart because Mars (planet of the quesited in this chart) is applying to a tight sextile with the 11th lord Jupiter.

Finally, I’d say that the connection will be established with the quesited with the motive of attaining some help from the querent.


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