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India after the UP elections

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

At one point, I was wondering if I should analyze Yogi Adityanath’s chart but then I realized that we don’t have birth data with accuracy. There are some charts floating around the internet but I don’t usually do my analysis based on such speculative information. Moreover, astrology is usually needed for people when they are facing challenging times or during the times when practicality cannot answer certain questions. It is a known fact that Yogi Adityanath would reclaim the throne to become the CM of Uttar Pradesh and we don’t need astrology to understand it. However, to further my work with mundane astrology using Chakra Dasa and other ideas that I am continuing to learn, I am taking this opportunity to restate a few points from Modi's swearing-in chart from 2019 which stands for the rest of this year. This is just sneak-peak and I will continue to post once in a while about various shorter astrological periods.

With Scorpio rising and Mars in the 8th house of Gemini with Rahu, the government has once for all come out of the trouble-some periods starting from Gemini to Libra. Since the Scorpio period began, the government started pulling things back to a larger extent because Jupiter is placed in Scorpio. The ruler of the 5th house in the 1st house is a yoga of preserving self-esteem and self-respect. There are still so many challenges but currently things are not as heated up because the entire world including India is focussing on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Having said that, we certainly have a major problem that will break out to yet again pull the attention of the government and it might impact the image of the government to some extent. Until the end of June 2022, Sagittarius will be activated which means, Jupiter (Rx) is the time-lord with its directional strength in the 1st house in a day chart! So, Jupiter in retrograde motion is symbolically indicative of regaining their ground and UP although is not a surprise is a wash out of earlier bad image of the government.

With Saturn and Ketu placed in the 2nd house of Sagittarius which holds rulership until June, we will have problems in managing the finances and wealth of the nation. The finance budget of 2022 is an example of a forethought filled budget. Given the economic condition of India at this point, it was a courageous budget because there would be sudden expenses on a large scale that the government couldn’t have anticipated. The Russia-Ukraine issue is one such problem and the impact of the issue will continue to create economic tensions in the nation throughout this year because, after June, Capricorn will be activated making Saturn the ruler. Saturn in the 2nd house will focus on tightening the noose on spendings and the presence of Ketu will only amplify the effort in cutting the cost. We cannot rule out any natural calamities, terror attacks or accidents during this year because of the presence of Saturn-Mars opposition in the nodal axis. Further, this could threaten to dent the image of the government yet again.

Since the 3rd house will be activated, the leadership and the initiatives by the leadership will come into scrutiny because Saturn in the 12th from the 3rd indicates uncertainty and Ketu intensifies it. The Saturn-Ketu combination squares the Moon in the 5th house, developing a conflict with the people. We cannot rule out the direct impact of the pandemic we may continue to deal with. Religious tensions would continue and the malefic presence to the 2nd house during this 3rd house activation indicates transport related accidents or mishaps that might lead to something tragic. The relationship of Saturn-Ketu with the Moon is worrying for sure.

On the other hand, India has managed to stand their ground as far as the Russia-Ukraine conflict goes. Earlier, I thought it might be difficult for India to hold on to their ground by not taking sides. But the Mod-led government with a very capable Minister of External Affairs in Jaishankar, India has successfully managed to stay out of the conflict by holding a neutral ground. Again the Saturn-Ketu in the 2nd house speaks volumes. It is not just bad and we always have two sides of the coins. Although taking no stance can sometimes be bad, in this situation, it was actually very good for India because it did not antagonize both the US and Russia. The 9th house of foreign diplomacy is unafflicted with the ruler of the 9th house , the Moon placed in the 5th house of Pisces aspected by Jupiter is a testimony to the situation. I expect India to maintain this position at least until end of April 2022.

This is just a basic overview of the year but closer to May 2022, I will write about the solar revolutions of Modi’s swearing in for 2022-23 using Chakra Dasa periods and primary directions of the solar revolutions. It will also be interesting if we have time of the swearing in of Yogi Adityanath as the CM of UP.

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