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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Being deprived of a child is a very hard thing to handle and it might lead to mental depression even in case of those who possess the strongest of hearts.In some cultures not having a child can lead to some social problems as well which is very sad. Even though we might push the borders of freewill, there are certain things that are fated and one such thing appears to be child birth. In this post, I will write about the charts of a female, Dolly Parton depicting the astrological reasons why she was unable to have children or basically even get pregnant.

Nativity of Dolly Parton

Jupiter, the significator of children is placed in Libra but in the bound of Saturn. Saturn is the difficult malefic as this is a nocturnal nativity. But this is just one of the reasons. 5th house is the house of children and it hosts Ketu and Mercury. Mercury in detriment has moved a long way from Jupiter’s reception (in spite of a whole sign reception) and it necessary to have a strong reception when a planet is in detriment. The most troubling factor however is Ketu’s position in the 5th house. Across all forms of astrology, Ketu in 5th house is considered not very conducive for childbirth especially in a female nativity.

Unfortunately there is no convincing benefic association with the 5th house because Saturn and Mars are also aspecting the 5th house from the 11th house and they are closely aspecting Mercury. Even though it turns out to be a reception for Saturn and Mars, it really doesn’t help Mercury’s cause. Sagittarius is a fire sign and which needs moisture but it is deprived of it due to the presence of Mercury and Ketu aspected by Saturn and Mars in Gemini.

Scorpio rules Uterus which is very essential for childbirth and ruler of Scorpio, Mars is posited in the 11th house along with Saturn in the bound of Saturn. The nodal axis further weakens the already strained position despite its placement in the 11th house. Venus is the planet that is associated with Uterus.

Uterus is the organ of gestation, receiving the decundated ovum in its cavity, retaining and supporting it during the development of the foetus and the principal agent in its expulsion at the time of parturition [parturition is the action of giving birth to a child]. Page# 724, Gray’s Anatomy.

Venus, associated with Uterus, is placed in the 6th house of Capricorn ruled by Saturn with no reception. Venus is bereft of moisture as there is no aspect from the Moon as well. Venus in a water sign or in an angular house would have helped the cause to some extent. Moreover, Ketu in 5th house results in a hormonal condition called Polycystic Ovary which can potentially disrupt or completely diminish the ability to have a child. Already weak uterus is further weakened by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary). The Lot of children falls in the 11th house of Gemini but in the bound of Saturn conjunct Saturn and Mars and there is no need of further explanation of this condition in the chart.


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