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Intensification of the Saturn-Mars Cycle

A few hours ago, Saturn-Mars square perfected and this is the intense continuation of the cycle that began in early April with the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in late Capricorn. According to Baladi avasthas, the late degrees of an even sign is the infant stage and usually the planets in such avasthas are not considered potent. Having said that, both Saturn and Mars have gained additional fuel at the courtesy of the nodal axis. Mars was in conjunction with Rahu and in opposition to Ketu while Saturn was squaring the Nodes. This certainly marks one of the most difficult times of our lives and it appears as if the worst is not even near us. 

The reason why this Saturn-Mars square is particularly powerful is because Saturn is in the bounds of Mars while Mars is in the bounds of Saturn. There is a bound exchange while they are placed in their domiciles and both the planets aspect their own bound. This is a very telling configuration. 

Vettius Valens pointed out that the Saturnian bound of Aries is cold, barren, malicious and injured. He also defines the Martian bound of Capricorn as lofty, prosperous, dictatorial, aiming at rule in everything, poor, destructive of their own relatives, wandering, loving solitude, quarrelsome to the end. I don’t want to explain each of these and relate to the current situation and be judgemental but I’m sure I’m sure everyone has their opinion and they’d certainly relate to what’s happening around us with the planetary positions. 

Mars is placed in the 12H of war and hospitalisation along with Rahu but the square with Saturn from Capricorn which is also the exaltation sign of Mars is a perfect indicator of violence and accidents. At a domestic level, we can certainly see the increase in public shootings in the US and, we are seeing so many accidents across the world. 

I had a narrow escape myself. On Sunday (August 7, 2022), I was driving my bike to a hotel where I had to attend a get together for lunch. A few minutes after I passed a flyover in the city, a government bus rammed into the lamp post just a few meters before the flyover and the signboard on the top crashed onto the ground killing one innocent person who was only driving by that side. While I was coming back, the location was flooded with people and the traffic was terrible. The sign board was still on the road. Apparently the bus was disposed of by then and the injured were taken off to the hospital. Unfortunately one of those injured passed away this morning. 

Below is the link to the news:

Certainly, we are witnessing electrifying tension on a daily basis across the China-Taiwan border and there seems to be no end to the Russia-Ukraine situation in which the world is still reeling and this is true both psychologically and economically. The inflation rates in some of the developing countries and under-devloped countries are unimaginable. Before we even think of recovering from the man-made economic setback, we are facing another war threat.

The Moon is placed in the 7H of Scorpio with its ruler Mars in the final degrees of Aries. Although there is no reception, this is not a very auspicious placement because the Moon signifying people and their well being is actually fallen in the 7H which is a Maraka house (potential to kill). However, the good news is that the Moon is not afflicted by aspects from any of the malefics. Still, a higher level of discomfort to people is quite explicit. 

Astrologers would think Jupiter is in Pisces and it has to make a difference but in that case, Jupiter is the ruler of the 8H and it is strongly placed in the 11H. The 8H signifies difficulties while the 11H indicates gains. This combination indicates gains from difficulties. Basically the loss of someone is a gain for someone. Jupiter is not aspecting both Saturn and Mars and also the Nodes which makes this a raw period. 

We have to wait and watch how the next phase of this cycle; i.e. the opposition of Saturn and Mars will play out but I have a distinct impression that what began in April will continue to grow in manifestation to culminate slowly at some point. 


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