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Joan Quigley’s Primary Directions in 1981

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Joan Quigley is a very popular astrologer who served as a personal astrologer in the office of Ronald Reagan from 1981. Joan was approached by the then first lady, Nancy Reagan in April 1981. I was quite curious to read her chart especially during the period when she served as the astrologer in the White House. Joan Quigley’s book, “What does Joan say?” is probably the most interesting astrological stories ever written! Well, for an outsider who lived during that time or someone like me who is looking at this chart, it is really fascinating to know the life of this astrologer.

Nancy Regan: First, she asked, "could you have told about the assassination attempt?"
Joan Quigley - "Yes, of course I could had I been looking". However, I haven't been following your charts or tracking the mundane material for Washington. I'm sorry. Had I been looking, I would have warned you."

After two more sentences:

Whether to take on the responsibility of becoming the astrologer to the President and the First Lady required serious thought. I had to consider that the President's horoscope indicated that he was vulnerable to assassination. To protect him effectively, was practically a full-time job for several astrologers.

[Page# 26, "What does Joan say?" by Joan Quigley, Pinnacle books, Windsor publishing corp, © Copyright 1990 by Joan Quigley.]

I have presented the above conversation from the book in this article to stress the sensitivity involved in Joan Quigley's job where she had no margin for error what so ever!

Joan Quigley - Natal Chart (Birth data from

Joan Quigley was born on 10 April 1927 at 16:17 (Kansas City, Missouri) and I have calculated the primary directed chart as of 01 April 1981 because it was then, Joan received a call from the then First Lady, Nancy Regan regarding the astrology of the President which marked her association with the White House.

Age as of 01 April 1981 was 54.01. 54.01 multiplied by 4 will give us 216.05 minutes. Adding 216.05 minutes to the birth time (16:17) will give a directed time of 19:53 hours. Hence, the time to calculate the directed chart for Joan Quigley as of 01 April 1981 is 19:53 hours.

Joan Quigley - Directed Chart

In the directed chart we observe that the Mercury’s bound in Cancer reaches the MC thereby making Mercury the time lord. Mercury is posited at 29° degrees of Aquarius in the 7th house. In the natal chart, Mercury rules the 2nd house and the 11th house. Close conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury indicates that the native is about to become a counselor to someone who can help the other party with her astrological advice. On the other hand, Aquarius indicates worldly matters and White House is no small thing. If we take a closer look, we can note that Mercury is not forming any significant aspect with any planet in the chart and it can be an indication of some serious concentration over a specific thing.

One more important factor to note in the directed chart is, Mercury and Sun have moved below the horizon in diurnal motion which symbolically states that whatever Joan Quigley is involved with at this point during the Mercury’s ruling period is simply private and secret. We don’t even know if President Regan knew of what was happening until a specific point.

Even more interesting is Mercury is also the bound lord of the AC in the directed chart indicating a huge role that Mercury had to play in Joan Quigley’s life for almost a period of 10 years. Ruler of the ascendant as per the natal chart, the Sun is placed in the 8th house of Pisces and it is descriptive of the inherent potential of Joan Quigley to maintain secrets and it must have come in very handy during her tenure as an astrologer in the White House.

Annual Profections

If we check Annual Profections, Joan Quigley just entered into her 8th house profection in April 1981. The sign activated is Pisces and the ruler of the year is Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in the 7th house along with Mercury in Aquarius in the bounds of Saturn. Point to note is Sun’s position in Pisces. The last 3°20’ of water signs and the first 3°20’ of fire signs are considered to be the Gandanta zone which indicates unfavourable and nervous situations in life which might be really challenging and testing. Sun, being placed in the activated sign also is an important planet to consider which indicates association with the government in a secret manner. Ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is placed in 12th from Pisces and this again relates to the themes related to secrecy and even occult.

As a matter of fact, Sun is the Oikodespotes (Master of the nativity) of this nativity and Sun is descriptive of Joan Quigley's affiliation with secrecy! In Vedic Astrology, 8th house considered as the house of astrology. Sun, as the master of the chart, has clearly put the native in the path that she was probably born to travel. 8th house is occult and Sun is government. Joan Quigley was the astrologer in the White House!

Sun is placed in the Martian bound of Pisces. Active, naval warriors, bold guides, attaining success in mystic lore, plundering but then restoring, varied, not dying a natural death - [Pg #8, Anthology by Vettius Valens, translated by Mark Riley]. Attaining success in the mystic lore is more than descriptive of Joan Quigley’s situation and April 1981 was the gateway into her life in White House under secrecy until President Regan’s tenure at the office.


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