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Lunar - Annual, Monthly & Daily Charts

I have been skeptical about the practical usage of daily lunar charts to find out the significance of the day described astrologer Mr. Narasimha Rao. Still, I am not convinced of making predictions with this method because it is practically difficult to look at the daily charts. However, this seems to indicate the nature and importance of that particular day. However, instead of only using the daily chart along with the natal chart, I am sticking to the traditional way of breaking down from natal chart, annual chart, monthly chart and daily chart and it makes more sense to me as the daily chart doesn’t carry any meaning without annual/monthly charts. Any annual predictive method needs indicators and without indicators, the technique becomes baseless. I have used the Dasa Bhukti lords as indicators with their position in the charts. Through this, I am sticking with the traditional method and hence I believe it offers more grounding into the subject.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson tested positive for the Coronavirus on March 27, 2020. Make no mistake. This is not the article describing the prediction of Boris Johnson’s health but to illustrate this technique. In the image, you will see all the four charts and we will see the indicative factors in all the four charts about the health of Boris Johnson. The native is living through Mercury dasa and Venus bhukti.

Firstly, Virgo was rising when Boris Johnson was born. In the annual chart, the ascendant is in Sagittarius which is the natal 4th house thereby indicating that general well being, comfort and other domestic matters being in the forefront. Sagittarius is hosting Saturn and Ketu with no reception from the ruler Jupiter. This clearly shows that the general well being and comfort of the native is going to be disrupted for sure. Dasa lord Mercury is placed in the 9th house along with Mars (8th lord) and Venus (Rx) is posited in the 10th house along with the Sun and Rahu. Venus is retrograde in about 7% of the charts across the world and Johnson has Venus moving backwards. While this indicates strength and more focus on the matters pertaining to the 10th house, its placement in the nodal axis along with Sun doesn’t really help the cause thereby showing trouble during his time in the office.

Now, looking at the position of Mercury and Venus in the monthly chart, we can come to a conclusion that something of high magnitude is going to happen. Ascendant is in Pisces. Venus is in Aries, 2nd house of the monthly chart while Mercury is in the 12th house of Aquarius indicating isolation, darkness, anxiety and hospitalization. Even though Venus is received by Mars in Sagittarius, Saturn squares Venus indicating anxious turning points in this month that might put the native in a helpless situation. In the monthly chart, the Moon is in the nodal axis opposing Mars. Basically, the corruption of the Moon is corruption of everything!

Moving to the daily chart, we see that the Ascendant is in Leo which is the 12th house of the natal chart. With Ascendant in the 12th house of the natal chart, it makes the matters related to the 12th house as most prominent ones. 12th house indicates hospitalization. Venus is joined by the Moon which probably is the triggering factor. In the daily chart, not just Saturn but Mars also squares Venus indicating more distress. Despite the fact that Mars receives Venus, the hard aspect with two natural malefics is not something Venus would be happy about.

This is only the testing phase of this technique (in my work) and I still need to work with it to make predictions. I’d be happy to welcome any of your feedback if you get a chance to test this technique.


© Aswin Subramanyan 2020

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