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Macron in Moscow

Updated: Jul 4

I have been closely following the Russia-Ukraine conflict and I have applied the Chakra Dasa in timing the events. For this, I have used Jupiter-Saturn (JU-SA) conjunction charts and I have applied time lords (Chakra Dasa) to analyze the nature and outcome from the chart. I will publish another blog post talking about the JU-SA conjunction chart set for Moscow. Possibly, I will also make a YouTube video talking about the astrological matters. In this quick small post (where I have not gone into any detail about the conjunction), I have discussed about the most recent event in the scheme of the major conflict.

In a desperate attempt to find a solution without war, French President, Emmanuel Macron visited Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Apparently, Macron was expected to reach Moscow at 16.00 HRS in Moscow on 07 February 2022. However, since we cannot rely on this data, let us not focus on the AC. But we shall look at the transits of 7 Febraury 2022 with the JU-SA Conjunction set in Moscow.

Firstly, Jupiter which is debilitated in the JU-SA conjunction chart has moved into Aquarius (8th house) which is not a great position because the ruler of the 9th house (foreign diplomacy) is placed in the 8th house (12th from the 9th). The host is Putin and the guest is Macron. We can associate the 1st house to Putin and the 7th house to Macron. Saturn is quite strong in the 7th house while the Moon is in the 9th house of Pisces. This shows that Puitin is ready for the talks but he is also particular about his needs. He will showcase his power because the Moon is placed with the 10th ruler, Mars. This is clearly a power struggle and Putin would not let himself look weak at any situation. Since both the parties are strong, it is unlikely to find any diplomatic solution. "Macron has said that Putin has ensured not to further escalate the situation in Ukraine but The Guardian has reported that the talks have failed as the leaders couldn't come to a common conclusion."

Until the end of March, Cancer-Leo period will be active which means the Moon and the Sun are the time lords. The Sun-Moon square in transits during the meeting is a clear case of conflict as the time lords are in conflict. The transiting Sun is in the 7th house with Saturn and the Sun-Saturn conjunction is indicative of the failure of government efforts especially where Saturn is stronger than the Sun. Unfortunately, the outcome of this meeting is not going to be a break through by any means in achieving de-escalation through diplomacy because there is no scope for diplomacy in the JU-SA conjunction chart.

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