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Mars in Cancer - An Awaited Break?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I don't really write or talk much about transits. I have seen a lot of stuff related to Mars' ingress into Cancer. Oh yes! Mars is falling in Cancer. However, that's not the end of it. Mars will move to Leo. Cancer, the first water sign of the zodiac kind of adds a pacifying effect to Mars in its journey around the zodiac and it means, we all are headed to a calm and a lazy phase which can also be emotionally challenging in various ways. Cancer brings the much needed moisture to Mars' dryness which is a counter-balancing effect. The problem with Mars in Cancer is that we find it extremely hard to control our feelings or emotions. Balancing our temperament begins an issue and aggression is not calculative here. Not getting what we need at a specific point of time could lead to frustration and it is important to ascertain our needs to ensure that they are available on time so that we don't lose our temper. This is not something that is entirely out of our control. Everyone of us have a Martian quality in us but the intensity and degree at which we express differs. Robert Hand said, an actual trigger of a transit is felt at an inner level than on an event manifestation level. The first effect of a transit is always felt internally by all of us than externally (event). Not all transits trigger an event. Hence, it is important to stay in line with what the cosmos offer us. Again, I certainly do not see any reason to panic while Mars is in Cancer. As astrologers, it is important for us to educate the common people to educate on being in line with the offerings of the cosmos. Mars symbolizes the initiating and impulsive power that starts all life activities - Dane Rudhyar. Mars in Cancer is debilitated in a water sign and the emphasis should be laid on more personal and internal aspects of life and one's own self. There are external event manifestations and the possibilities are multi-fold. But that is more personalized which is not revealed to an astrologer until the client asks. But, understanding the psychological factors is very important because internal analysis from a psychological point of view is more sensible when we speak of transits. Why are the placements not generally good or bad the entirety of a sign? Bounds/terms are crucial factors to understand the layers of impact that a specific planet and its position can trigger within one zodiac sign. The first 7° of Cancer belong to Mars: hurling thunderbolts, moved in different directions, uneven,contradictory in his wishes, manic, prolific, poor, destructive, and in the end, base. The next 6° belong to Venus: prolific, censorius, moist, changeable, skilled, popular, promiscuous,. The following 6° belong to Mercury: precise, a robber, a leader in public matters, a tax gatherer, in the public eye, rich, wealth producing. The fourth term, 7°, belongs to Jupiter: kingly, imperious, glorious, judging, great-hearted, temperate, ruling, entirely noble. The final 4° belong to Saturn. In this term everything is water, moist, poor in personal property, and in the end quite needy. Vettius Valens' Anthology - Pg 6, Translation by Mark Riley. Mars will be in its own decan when it crosses the 10° mark and it is not bad for a planet to be in its own decan. Ancient astrologers like Valens and Firmicus considered a planet in its own bound or decans as a planet in its own sign. A literal understanding could actually mislead us. Contemporary traditional astrologer, Theo Naicker says of planets in its own bound: They are able to work with it well personally, or in their localized sphere of influence, but not outside of it. It is imperative to understand the inner strength we possess. Mars will be Vargottama in the first Navamsa of Cancer which is Punarvasu 4. Then, Mars will enter Scorpio (Pushya 4) and Capricorn (Ayilyam 2). Moon will be on mutual reception with Mars when she is in Scorpio. Moon will receive Moon while in Taurus and Cancer. Like this, we have a lot of mitigating factors and it is not entirely bad AT all. This period when Mars is in Cancer could be the beginning of theology phase where we understand our own capabilities, the pace at which we generally work, the amount of time that we usually take to act upon something, the amount of workload that we can manage, etc. Apart from meticulous planning and self understanding, we also need to make an effort to fix or find the right time and the right place to execute our ideas or plans. So, without over-blowing this phenomenon, we'll welcome Mars to Cancer and give an emotionally Martian touch to things by stopping to act but plan on when to act, where and how to act! *********

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