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Modi in between Putin and Biden

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

There is not a great deal of change except for a few subtle changes in AC bounds and the MC bounds of the JU-SA conjunction charts of Moscow and New Delhi.

Biden has been pestering India to take a stand in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. India has tried to remain neutral because of their relations with both Ukraine and Russia. However, the US has been putting themselves on the forefront and pushing India to take a stand and is hoping to have India on their side. Biden knows that India has strategic ties with both the US and Russia and he is playing dirty politics by forcing India to pick a side. In a colossal failure of NATO & the United States, Ukraine is being just a scapegoat. Modi is not a kid and he wouldn't convey anything but there is a UN voting session where India may have to pick a side. The JU-SA chart shows that either one relationship would fall. (US or Russia)

After the request from Volodymyr Zelensky, Modi held a meeting with Putin and urged an end to military operations immediately. Besides, Modi also expressed his concern about the safety of the Indians in Ukraine which probably is India's major concern at present.

In the swearing-in chart, we have Jupiter in the 1H with a trine to the Moon in the 5H. The Moon is the 9th ruler indicating foreign ties and diplomacy. We also need to check the 7H for such matters. The Sun and Mercury are placed in the 7H with no hard aspect from Saturn or Mars. This is a very good indicator for us to understand that India is not directly involved in any of this. However, Mars, the ruler of the AC is placed in the 8H along with Rahu which surely indicates delicate and tricky situations that could be war or close to war. With Mars in the 7H, India wouldn't be an aggressor and this should comfort the Indians. Yet, because of the 2/8 axis, we might have tensed scenarios and also a lot of economy related issues. So, it is an indication that India might have economic issues especially if they announce a conclusive decision of their stand.

The JU-SA conjunction chart doesn't show so much room for diplomatic solutions in terms of maintaining the relationship with both the US and Russia. Although, India is maintaining its neutral position, the 7H and the 9H of the JU-SA conjunction chart wouldn't let India continue to maintain the neutral position. Russia has given an open statement that they are expecting India's support in the UN vote session. The US is putting undue pressure on India anyway.

India shouldn't take the US's side but India cannot take Russia's side because they were the aggressors no matter what the condition was. This puts India in a really troubled position. The voting is expected to be during the early hours of Saturday. I'm still working my ways out to predict or forecast international relations between two countries using the JU-SA conjunction charts. Maybe we will anyway know the news soon!


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