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Nativity of Edward Gein

Recently, astrologer Mark Harris posted his analysis about Edward Gein’s chart from a psychological perspective and encouraged the Jyotish view of Ed Gein’s chart. Astrologer Anupam Shukla, who runs the Facebook group, “Rudimentary Discussions on Vedic Astrology”, invited me to join the discussion. Initially, I thought I’d make a brief write up as a comment on the Facebook post itself but once I took a look at the chart, I was intrigued and wanted to present a Vedic and also traditional western view. Astrologer Partho Banerjee did a thought-provoking analysis from a Jyotish perspective in an extremely detailed manner and relieved me from that job. Therefore, in this article, I tried to mainly analyze from the Hellenistic and Medieval perspectives followed by the usage of Vimsottari Dasa and Zodiacal Releasing.

Edward Gein

When questioned, Gein told investigators that between 1947 and 1952, that he made as many as 40 nocturnal visits to three local graveyards to exhume recently buried bodies while he was in a “daze-like” state. On about 30 of those visits, he said that he came out of the daze while in the cemetery, left the grave in good order, and returned home emptyhanded. On the other occasions, he dug up the graves of recently buried middle-aged women he thought resembled his mother and took the bodies home, where he tanned their skins to make his paraphernalia.

(From Wikipedia)

Transmission of rays from the 12th ruler is not a good thing and the 12th ruler Venus is transmitting the rays to the maraka, Jupiter, showing uncertainties and wrong paths in life. Jupiter is Jeeva (life) and Mars is Deha (body). Mars, by 12th parts, is placed in the 1st house conjunct the AC and Jupiter, indicating cannibalism or hurting bodies. Fallen Mars and Venus assert dead or decayed bodies. Vettius Valens said that the corruption of the Moon is the corruption of everything. The Moon corrupted in the 6th house of Scorpio but enjoys a mutual reception with Mars, showing that the mother is very strict. This also describes the intent of the thoughts of the native, which is unimaginable in this case. The dispositor of Mars, the Moon, is also debilitated in the 6th house. Here, we see that three debilitated planets transmitting rays to each other - Mars to Venus and Venus to the Moon. Then, we also have the Moon-Saturn square, where Saturn is the malefic planet of this chart by sect. The Moon is placed in the Saturnian terms of Scorpio and squares Saturn. Saturn doesn’t aspect its terms in Scorpio, but a hard aspect from the term ruler which is not a reception can be challenging. Vettius Valens says, “The last 2° belong to Saturn: monstrous, chilled, destructive, short-lived, the term of deluded men.” The native was not short-lived, but certainly monstrous and destructive. We don’t need further explanation for this.

Venus debilitated in the 4H indicates troubled domestic situations in life. The dispositor Mercury is placed in the 2nd house of Cancer in the nodal axis. Mars is debilitated in the 2nd house on the nodal axis, afflicting the ruler of the AC, Mercury. The ruler of the AC in the 2nd house indicates gaining income. Here, Mercury, with Rahu opposed by Ketu, can show gaining wealth by immoral means. Mars (deha-body) can indicate gaining wealth from human bodies. Mars also casts its rays on Venus by sextile, which is again an indication of lowly deeds, especially because both these planets are debilitated.

The triplicity rulers of Jupiter are Mercury and Saturn. While Jupiter is not configured with Mercury, it is configured by sect-mate Saturn (in Aquarius) by a trine blessing the native with a long life. This mitigates the fact that Mercury isn’t receiving Jupiter in the 1st house. However, Jupiter is a maraka, ruling the 7th house and Saturn is not necessarily a full-time yoga-karaka as it rules the 8th house as well. While on the one hand, the native is blessed by a long life because of this configuration, it also contributed to a very disgusting path in life.

Mercury is the primary triplicity ruler of Saturn in Aquarius and Saturn is the secondary triplicity ruler. Saturn is strongly placed in the 9th house of father. While Saturn is strong in the 9th house gave a long life to father, he was an alcoholic and the primary triplicity ruler Mercury is in the 2nd house afflicted by the nodal axis, which probably could be descriptive of the roughness in relationship with the father. Saturn and the Sun are casting opposing rays on each other, denting the functions of Saturn, the Sun, and their lordships. Saturn is also the term ruler of the Sun and although Saturn doesn’t exactly aspect its terms in Leo, the opposing aspect from term ruler can be harsh, especially if the planet is a difficult malefic to the chart. This is very similar to the Moon in Saturnian terms in Scorpio.

Vettius Valens says, “The third term, 7°, belongs to Saturn: having much experience, fearful, scientific, naturally clever, narrow, religious, with many children, searching out secret lore, barren, without offspring.” Someone who had done evil deeds for as long as he did (1947-1952), they have to be clever and narrow without any doubt. Moreover, Valens mentions barren, but I think barren need not be just in terms of progeny or childbirth but also in terms of moisture in the heart. He who doesn’t have moisture in the heart and he who is internally barren can only involve in such monstrous acts.

Venus is already weakened by dignity and also by bhavat bhavam (derived houses). Venus is further weakened by the debilitated triplicity ruler, the Moon, and it also applies to the Moon. Venus received by Mercury placed in Cancer is probably a saving grace for the native’s mother. However, Venus and its triplicity ruler in a poor condition is one of the foremost indicators of the native’s evil path.

Spear Bearing

Antiochus of Athens pointed out that a sect mate in configuration to the sect light makes up the condition of spear bearing. Sextile is considered to be the weakest of bodyguards, yet it is a notable point in this nativity. In this case, the debilitated planet from the 4H casts rays on the significator of the Mother, the Moon. In this case, this isn't a positive condition of spear bearing because of the dignities of both these planets. Instead, they only resulted in the change in life direction of this native which led to cannibalism.


Medieval astrologers paid more attention to lots than the early Hellenistic astrologers naturally as a result of the evolution of astrology. Astrologer Sahl ibn Bishir emphasizes the lots in most of his natal work because Lots are very crucial to the topics of life which is actually why we have houses in astrology.

Lot of Father - 22° Scorpio

Mars is the ruler of the lot of father and Mars is debilitated but is in mutual exchange between with the Moon, indicating the long life of the native's father and also the mother given that the Moon (significator of mother) is in exchange. Having said, there surely need to be some drawbacks with a father with planets in difficult conditions and the native's father was an alcoholic.

Lot of Mother - 29° Pisces

Jupiter is placed in the 1st house with directional strength (Dik Bala) despite being in detriment. Jupiter, natural benefic casts rays towards Venus and the 4th house which is one of the factors. Jupiter is placed in the terms of Venus in the 1st house while Venus and Jupiter are in configuration. Venus doesn't aspect its term directly but we can't ignore the aspect nevertheless.


Ascendant in Mrigashira

Learned Jyotish scholar Sarajit Poddar, in his book on Nakshatras gave the below as weaknesses of Mrigashira. "Impulsive, flirtations, fickle-minded, seeking constant attention, craving sensation, multiple partners, not committed to work, burn out from seeking too much excitement, easily bored, scattered, critical of others, sensitive to criticism, helpless, suspicious, unbalanced.

Mercury, Mars and Rahu in Ashlesha

Mr. Poddar, in his book on Nakshatras gave the below as weaknesses of Ashlesha. Ashlesha is a Sarpa Nakshatra. Deceitful, depressed, unsteady mind, anxious, non-caring attitude, impolite, discourteous, unpopular, lacking social skills, ruler breakers, hoarding, possessive, secretive, talkative, ungrateful, scattered, unproductive, reckless, disconnected, temperamental, lying habits to achieve something, malicious, fond of solitude, blunt and straightforward, spewing venom through words.

Zodiacal Releasing from Fortune

Gein confessed that he did grave robbing from 1947 to 1952. Apparently, all this began during the Pisces period which is the 10th house. This is 2nd from fortune making it a succedent period and therefore it indicates a beginning which is also relevant to the 10th house themes of action. It continued in the Aries major ZR period (11th house) with Mars debilitated in the 2nd house showing the evil deeds and also the income and gains through immoral ways. In November 1957, he was arrested and this was during Aries-Scorpio period. Scorpio is the 6th house showing litigation or criminal cases.

Vimsottari Dasa

Mother’s death – Moon-Jupiter

The Moon is the ruler of the 2nd house of family and also the natural significator of the mother. Jupiter is the functional malefic of this nativity and Jupiter is placed in the Venusian terms of Gemini while Venus transmits rays to Jupiter in the 1st house indicating an end to the native’s mother. The themes of the 12th house and the 4th house seem prominent here and Venus is also configured with the Moon in Scorpio.

Father’s death – Sun-Venus

The Sun is the natural significator of father and is again Venus is involved which is placed in the 4th house in the terms of Saturn. Venus is the 12th ruler and naturally indicates endings and also domestically challenging situation. Naturally, death of a parent is not an easy one to handle.

1947 to 1952 and the arrest in 1957

Again the Moon and Mars are turning out to be quite significant. He started these activities during Moon major period (Mercury and Ketu – sub-periods). Mercury and Ketu are in the 2nd and the 8th house respectively. While the Moon is debilitated, Mercury in the 2nd house indicates income followed by Ketu in the 8th house indicating income at the expense of others but no one would imagine such horror. Further, he was arrested in November 1957 during Mars-Moon period where Mars is the dasa ruler while Moon being the bhukti ruler. We have discussed enough about the condition of the Moon and Mars and I leave it for you to make further interpretations.

Death of the native – Jupiter-Venus Jupiter is the functional malefic and a potent killer for Gemini rising natives. Jupiter is placed in the 1st house itself configured with Venus by terms and aspect. Venus in the 4th house is the deep terrain under the ground (post setting) symbolic of endings. In all these cases, we have seen Venus playing a major role and its position in the 4th house has turned out to be a crucial one unfortunately, not in a good way.

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