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On the Brink: Russia's Impending Leadership Shift

Ever since their invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has been exerting its influence over the fate of Europe, but recent developments suggest that the situation on the ground may be shifting in unexpected ways. I anticipate that Russia’s future will be marked by decline as a consequence of President Vladimir Putin’s fall. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding, it is necessary for us to thoroughly analyze the Ingress charts pertaining to both the years 2024 and 2025.

Aries Ingress 2024

Due to the fact that the Aries ingress chart of 2024 has mutable rising, it is necessary for us to cast the Libra ingress chart after a period of six months. Jupiter, the ruler of the rising sign that indicates the condition of the nation, is positioned in the Cadent 3rd house and also serves as the Lord of the MC, symbolizing the king. There is a mutual reception between Jupiter and the ruler of the 8th house, Venus. In addition to being the exaltation ruler of Pisces, Venus unfortunately faces affliction due to the presence of Saturn in the same sign. The ruler of the 1st house, in conjunction with the 8th ruler, suggests that there will be major transformations and uncomfortable changes that could lead to a significant downturn.

Mars, which is the ruler of the 2nd house, is positioned in the 12th house, suggesting that the nation may encounter difficulties in terms of its economy and immediate finances. The presence of Rahu in the 2nd house is an indication of a potential sudden setback in the economic situation of the nation. One factor indicating a mitigating influence is the placement of Mercury in its own bound in Aries. However, it is important to consider that the presence of Mars in the 12th house can also suggest impulsive decision-making or an attitude towards war-related matters. In addition to symbolizing war, the 12th house represents conflicts and tensions. Currently, Russia holds a prominent position in the ongoing war with Ukraine, benefiting from the perceived withdrawal of support from other Western nations. However, it is important to note that this strategy might ultimately have adverse consequences for Russia. Due to the presence of Mars in the 12th house, it is clear that Russia is allocating a significant amount of funds towards military efforts and weaponry, which is resulting in substantial expenditures. The weak positioning of the Moon (the 5th ruler) in the 6th house further supports the notion that Russia’s reserves are being depleted, exacerbating the concerns surrounding the nation’s declining economy and causing anxiety among its citizens. The Moon is a planet representing people, the position of the Moon, also the sect light in the 6th house, is quite unfavourable for people in general.

The placement of Ketu in the 8th house serves to reinforce the idea of potential financial challenges, suggesting the possibility of a disruption in financial backing or investments from other nations, and potentially leading to stagnant business negotiations. The 8th house symbolizes financial resources that come from external sources and contribute to the economic growth of a country. The presence of Ketu in the 8th house suggests a decline or loss of external sources. The presence of Ketu in the 8th house not only suggests the possibility of hazardous situations for the nation but also implies that these circumstances could result in heightened tension within the nation, stemming from various external sources.

Venus, the ruler of the 8th house and the dispositor of Ketu, is exalted in the 1st house, which suggests additional difficulties for the country. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean a total collapse of the Russian economy, as Venus is still in a favourable position. However, it could significantly impact the economy and hinder their ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

The MC is being afflicted by both Saturn and Mars, and they are also affecting Jupiter, who represents the King. Mars’ placement in the 12th house of foreign lands suggests potential challenges from other countries, while Saturn signifies internal issues within Russia that could pose obstacles for President Vladimir Putin. The lot of kingdom is in the 12th house, which is afflicted by Mars. Additionally, the lot of Kingship is located in the 8th house, accompanied by Ketu. Consequently, the nodal axis suggests a significant change or instability in the King’s state.

Since Jupiter, the ruler of the 10th house of administration, is in a declining position in the 3rd house, it suggests a limited chance of escape without any substantial change in the situation. The Russian government is undeniably facing a serious crisis, and the situation within its administration appears grim and pessimistic. The presence of Mars in the 12th house suggests the existence of hidden adversaries and powerful influences that could pose a significant obstacle in 2025.

Libra Ingress 2024

Capricorn rising in the Libra Ingress reinforces our analysis of the Aries Ingress. Saturn, the ruler of the ascending sign, is both peregrine and retrograde in the 3rd house, indicating a clear decline due to its cadent position. The presence of Saturn affecting the prenatal lunation in the 3rd house adds to the stress levels, particularly due to the chaotic and confusing situation prevailing in the country. The 2nd house is ruled by Saturn, and it is positioned in the 3rd house indicating a significant setback in the nation’s economy. Furthermore, the retrograde motion of Saturn further confirms the poor economic condition.

The 5th ruler, Venus is placed in late Libra with domicile strength in the bound of Mars. Unfortunately, Venus leaving its home sign suggests a difficult economic situation, especially since it is positioned in the nodal axis. The depletion of reserves is evident in the 5th house, and the shift of Venus from its domicile indicates the declining strength of the Russian economy’s reserves. The 3rd ruler, Jupiter, is peregrine in the 6th house which another cadent house but receives Saturn in Pisces. However, the reception from the 3rd and the 12th ruler can only signify difficulties with allies/friends and also losses. Jupiter’s influence on the 12th house and its square with Saturn in the 3rd house could potentially signify the termination of alliances with previously friendly nations.

The MC falls in the 11th house of Scorpio, with Mars serving as the significator of the King. Mars finds itself debilitated in the 7th house of Cancer, which represents direct adversaries. As an infortune, Mars influences the 10th house of administration and forms squares with Rahu and Ketu, indicating significant challenges or potential downfall in governance. Moreover, the Sun, ruling the 8th house, is debilitated in the 10th house of Libra, further suggesting a weakened state in the Russian administration. Although the MC remains unafflicted, its ruler Mars faces affliction and squares with the Nodes, signaling a major shift or crisis in the King's condition, though not necessarily leading to his decline. Notably, indicators of kingship and Kingdom are located in the 8th and 12th houses, adding to the likelihood of unexpected transformations in leadership and governance.

Aries Ingress 2025

With Cancer rising during the Sun's ingress into Aries, Mars is debilitated in the 1st house, symbolizing the decline of the nation itself, in this context, Russia. Mars rules both the 5th house of reserves and the 10th house of administration. Its debilitation in the 1st house suggests a depletion of economic reserves and a decline in Russia's administrative prowess eventually indicating a suddens shift in the international status of Russia. Although the Sun, ruler of the 2nd house, is exalted in the 10th house of Aries, its early position in the sign undermines its influence, rendering it insufficient to stabilize either the administration or the economy.

The MC falls in Pisces, with its ruler, Jupiter, peregrine in the 12th house of Gemini, although with reception from Mercury. Is it adequate to salvage the rule? I doubt it. Additionally, the Lot of Kingdom is also positioned in the 12th house, signaling the impending end of the current administration's reign. Saturn conjoins the MC in the 9th house, suggesting obstacles or adversaries arising from diplomatic failures. Rahu's presence in the 9th house compounds the affliction, posing a double threat to the MC. Historically, the MC or its ruler on the nodal axis often spells the downfall of a nation's leader. Saturn, governing both the 7th and 8th houses, indicates forceful changes due to direct adversaries, as indicated by the 7th house.

The ruler of the MC, Jupiter, is in the 12th house, a placement associated with decline and end. This cadent position symbolizes an approaching end. Furthermore, Jupiter is under the square aspect of the Moon's Nodes, serving as a significant indication of the impending end of the current regime in Russia. Meanwhile, Mercury, ruling the Lot of Kingdom, is in a peregrine state in the 10th house, which governs the 12th house, reinforcing the symbolic conclusion of the administration. The Lot of Kingship is in the 6th house, with its ruler Jupiter in detriment in the 12th house, further emphasizing the theme of decline or culmination.

Since we have a cardinal sign rising during the Aries Ingress, we need to cast all four ingresses. Prior to addressing that matter, we will make an attempt to gain a clear understanding of the timing of the King’s downfall and, as a result, the administration’s fall.

The MC is positioned at Pisces 20°15, and our focus is on symbolically directing the aspects of the malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars, or the Nodes of the Moon to the MC. To determine the duration, we require the Right Ascension of the MC and all malefic planets. Ideally, we calculate the clockwise arc from the malefics to the MC, converting it into days for precise estimation. However, for simplicity, we'll employ a straightforward calculation without extensive mathematical computations in this instance.

Following the clockwise arc, Mars will be the initial malefic planet to form a square aspect with the MC. It's essential to note that this chart remains valid for only 90 days from the Aries ingress, given that the rising sign of the Aries ingress is a cardinal sign, necessitating the casting of the Cancer ingress. Hence, we need to accelerate the symbolic movement of the MC by four times the rate of 59°08’, equating to approximately 4° a day for simplicity. Mars is roughly 96° away from the MC and 6° from an exact square aspect. Normally, it would take around 96 days for Mars to conjoin the MC by direction and 6 days for the square aspect. However, since the ingress is valid for only 90 days, we must increase the rate by four times, resulting in Mars forming a square aspect with the MC just 1.5 days after the Aries Ingress, i.e., on March 21, 2025. Similarly, the Nodes of the Moon will square the MC approximately 21 days after the Aries ingress by direction, while Saturn will do so around 19 days after the Aries Ingress. Hence, the month of the Aries ingress itself poses significant challenges for the leader of Russia.

Following Cardinal Ingresses

Cancer Ingress

The Lord of the MC finds itself exalted in Cancer within the 1st house, yet it is combust, a condition deemed unfavorable in medieval texts. Additionally, Saturn, debilitated in the 10th house, squares the Lord of the MC, further illustrating a dire situation. Moreover, the MC suffers affliction by being positioned in the nodal axis, with both the Lots of kingship and kingdom placed in the 9th house alongside Rahu, signifying affliction to all aspects related to the king and administration. Furthermore, Mars casts a whole sign aspect on the MC, compounding its afflictions. Saturn's debilitation in the 10th house underscores the bleak outlook for the Russian administration, suggesting a new leader lacking experience or strength in governance. This placement also signifies the immense effort required and the dismal state of the highest office in Russia. However, the presence of the Moon and Venus in the 11th house of Taurus offers a glimmer of hope, indicating a gradual return of optimism for the people of Russia.

Libra Ingress

Saturn, the Lord of the MC, finds itself in its own terms in Pisces, with reception from exalted Jupiter. However, a significant challenge arises as the Lord of the MC is positioned in the nodal axis in conjunction with Rahu. Furthermore, the exaltation ruler of the 10th house is debilitated in the 4th house of Libra, suggesting numerous obstacles for the King. Hence, it wouldn't be surprising if the current government faces upheaval, paving the way for a new administration.

Capricorn Ingress

Once more, the MC finds itself situated in the nodal axis, while its ruler, Jupiter, is exalted but retrograde. Additionally, Jupiter faces a whole sign opposition with Mars, posing obstacles for both the nation and the King. Furthermore, Saturn's presence in the 9th house alongside the MC reflects the challenges and hardships experienced by the nation under the leadership.


It appears that Russia is on the brink of a significant political shift, potentially leading to the end of Mr. Vladimir Putin's regime and signalling a decline in Russia's current state. The incoming leader(s) may be vulnerable, and it seems that Russia will require an extended period to recover from these changes.


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