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Predicting with Firdãriã - VI

While I was studying the Astrology of Sahl translated by Ben Dykes, I was interested in the below passage because in most cases, Jyotish attributes the properties with the 4th house. However, it is nice to know that 2nd house also plays an important role in property. Maybe it is more about possession of the property rather than the property itself. Hence, it makes sense to buy a property during the periods ruled by the 1st and 2nd lords in some kind of a configuration in the nativity.

Look at the lord of the Ascendant and the lord of the second: for if the lord of the second connected with the lord of the Ascendant, the native will gain assets without toil or need in [his] seeking. And if the lord of the Ascendant connected with the lord of the second, he will gain the assets with seeking and toil.

[Page 409, The Astrology of Sahl B.Bishir: Volume I, Translated and edited by Dr. Benjamin Dykes, printed & published in 2019 by Cazimi Press].

The native bought a house property by acquiring a loan from the bank. During this period, the native was living though the Mercury Fardãr and the participating period ruled by Venus.

Mercury rules the 2nd house of the nativity and Venus rules the 3rd house of the nativity. In the above quote, we see that there needs to be a connection between the 1st lord and the 2nd lord for the native to buy a property. The Sun rules the Ascendant and is placed in a whole sign conjunction with Mercury. Fardãr Mercury ruling the 2nd house is in connection with the 1st lord, the Sun. This is a straightforward configuration between the two planets. Venus, ruling the 3rd house and the 10th house, becomes the dispositor of the Sun and Mercury. Here, we see that there is a good connection of mutual exchange between Venus and Mercury; and both the planets are activated as Fardãr and participator, respectively.

If we look more closely, the Sun is placed in the terms of Mars which rules the 4th house and Mercury is placed in the terms of Venus which rules the 1st house. Besides the connection between the 1st and the 2nd lords, we also have a subtle influence of the 4th lord. Venus ruling the 3rd house facilitated in making agreements. Buying a property involves a lot of communication and agreements.

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