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Predicting with Firdãriã - I

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Rok Koritnik wrote an interesting article about a heart condition and the analysis was astrologically very sound! Astrologer Anthony Louis analyzed the same event from progressed Yogini Dasas point of view which he has been researching very successfully for quite some time. Anthony’s perspective from Yogini was amazing and fascinating which kindled my interest in analyzing the same situation using Firdariyyah.

Recently, I published an article explaining a modified sub time lord version of Firdarriyah which you can read by clicking here. I thought I’d be able to offer another perspective with the Persian technique. This will also make us take a complete round in analysis with Hellenistic by Rok, Vedic by Anthony and Persian/Arabic with a mix of Hellenistic and Vedic techniques by myself.

Link to Rok's article: Link to Anthony's article: The event described by Rok happened on March 26, 2007. During that time, the native was living through the main Firdar period ruled by Mercury and the sub period ruled by Ketu.

Mercury - The main Firdar Mercury, the ruler of the 6th and 9th house is placed in the 7th house of Cancer along with Jupiter, Sun and Venus. Saturn and Mars placed in the 8th house of Leo and 6th house Gemini respectively. Straight away, we can see that Mercury is in configuration with natural benefics like Jupiter and Venus while being in complete aversion from natural malefics, Saturn and Mars. All these planets have a reasonably good reception from the Moon as we see a sign based square configuration. Mercury Mercury has double reception because Mercury is also being received by an exalted Jupiter in the 7th house of Cancer, thereby ruling out any possibilities of death. This seems to be a fairly straight forward scenario where the native faces a death like situation but clearly comes out of it. Remember, 7th house is the house associated with death in most forms of traditional astrology but it doesn't always lead to death as it depends upon the natal promise of length of life. Moreover, Mercury is the 6th lord and hence, Mercury is responsible for 6th house matters like diseases and debts. However, the fact that Mercury is not afflicted by malefics is the saving grace in this case because of the mitigation that Mercury has become part of by being placed with Jupiter (in sect benefic) and Venus. Rok mentioned in his article, “heart got out of whack due to a bubble of air that entered the heart”. Mercury is an airy planet and Cancer is the sign that naturally rules the heart which is the 4th house of the natural zodiac. The placements are very descriptive of heart got out of whack due to a bubble of air (Mercury) entered the heart. Sun is the natural significator of heart and Sun is placed along with Mercury. So, we have 3 factors indicating heart along with Mercury pointing at air and this makes it a strong conclusion that heart condition is very much probable during this period.

Ketu - The Sub Firdar

Ketu is placed in the 2nd house of Aquarius ruled by Saturn. Even though the nodes function based upon the strength of the dispositor, an opposition between two malefics Ketu and Saturn is not something that we call as “good”. So, this is inviting trouble and Saturn is also in conjunction with Rahu in Leo. A malefic in the 2nd house brings discomforts to health to some extent and we have triple malefic influence to the 2/8 axis. Ruler of Ketu, Saturn is posited in the 8th house and the configuration with Ketu is yet another indication of health ailments and discomfort. Why not during any other period of Mercury's Firdar? Ruler of Ketu, Saturn entered the natal 7th house in the solar revolutions chart and formed a conjunction with natal Mercury which is the main ruler of the year. Natal Sun in conjunction with SR Saturn is also an indicator of heart ailment during that period. Dispositor of the sub time lord (Ketu) Saturn's configuration with the main Firdar lord Mercury is the trigger point of this event. Primary Directions

AC - 24°52' (Aquarius) - Terms of Mars

Considering the primary motion of planets after birth, we see that the terms of Mars in the sign of Aquarius is rising and Mar becomes the time lord of the period. Below is what Valens says about the Martian terms in Aquarius:

The next 5° belong to Mars: diseased (particularly in the internal organs), troubled by lawsuits; this term is characteristic of wicked, intractable, and incapable men—except that these men readily attempt evil deeds.

Source of the quoted text: Mark Riley's translation of Anthology by Vettius Valens.

We shouldn't forget that the ancients had far less tools to diagnose the conditions of internal organs of the human body and astrology came to rescue. However, due to the medical science of that time, any health condition or disease was often a life or death scenario. Valens says 'diseased internal organs'. It wasn't a disease in this case but it was certainly a scary moment to the native. Mars indicates surgical instruments and hospitals. Assistance of the medical tools were certainly needed.

Mars, the ruler of the 4th and 11th is posited in the 6th house diseases and debt. Ruling the 4th house, Mars responsible for the well being and general comforts of the native. Since Mars is placed in the 6th house, Mars along with grit did give a health condition to deal with and the grit was spent in successfully coming out of the health condition.

In the solar revolutions chart, Mars is posited in the 8th house of Cancer in a debilitated state which doesn't need further explanation at all. Mars is conjunct the natal Saturn and Rahu. I found that Firdariyyah is a standalone technique and hence I dont want to explore more of revolutions in this article. I am thankful to my friend Rok Koritnik for making this article possible and Mr. Anthony Louis for inspiring more. *********************************************************************************************************

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