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Predicting with Firdãriã - IV

Updated: Jul 4

Firdaria with Solar Revolutions

This is going to be a short post on the event, Jair Bolsonaro (current Brazilian President) stabbed in September 2018 during this election campaign rally.

Jair Bolsonaro was living through the major period ruled by Mars. The minor Firdar lord was also Mars. For a native born while Cancer was rising, Mars is functionally a very beneficial planet but Mars also has its own natural qualities as a planet and being stabbed by someone and losing a lot of blood (Mars rules human blood) is so Martian.

Mars is posited in the 10th house Aries and Mars is in good strength and dignity. However, a very important factor to note here is, Mars is out of sect and opposed by Saturn which rules the 7th and the 8th house. Ruler of the 8th house being placed in the 4th house is clearly indicative of general discomfort during this period. Obviously, being stabbed to lose 40% of blood is really uncomfortable and life threatening. On the other hand, Mars in its own sign in the 10th house, with directional strength elevated the native to the highest level as Jair Bolsonaro became the President of Brazil. So, we see two sides of the same coin here.

Solar Revolutions

The time lord as per any timing technique needs to be well placed in real time and has to make a configuration with this natal placement for events to manifest. The real time technique that has been used since the Hellenistic era is the solar revolutions.

Mars is posited in Aries in the natal chart. SR Mars is posited in Sagittarius thereby forming a trine with its natal position. This acts as a trigger point in even manifestation during the period ruled by Mars as per Firdaria. Interestingly, SR Mars is conjunct SR Saturn in the Solar Revolutions chart which affirms the stabbing event.

The solar revolutions ascendant is Pisces and hence Sagittarius becomes the 10th house in the Solar revolutions chart. We have two 10th house activations which is Aries in the natal and Sagittarius in the solar revolutions. Hence, 10th house topics are clearly activated and President-ship is no surprise.

There are various other factors to talk about but I am ending this as a very short post where I am only checking the Firdar lord and its condition in the solar revolutions to depict the usage of this technique. I will leave the rest to you, the reader to test and write your valuable feedback to

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