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Profections and distributing through bounds with Albert Einstein's Nobel Prize

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

There are various techniques I have been working with at various stages of my astrological learning. Honestly, I was horrified by the complexity of Primary Directions or the Distribution through Bounds when I came across some articles about it. I even said to my friends Rok Koritnik and Lars Panaro that I would never touch upon that in my life again. But, fate had other ideas! Again, I started distributing various significators through bounds and I found it to be exciting. Basically, I was just playing around with it. However, after checking a few events in the lives of various people, I was surprised to see the reality in the subjective manifestation of events based upon directing through bounds.

Directing the Ascendant

Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in the year 1922. Directed ASC (significator) in Cancer in the bounds of Mercury (promissor) forms a trine to directed ASC (Cancer) and squares natal ASC (Gemini). Promissor, posited in the 10H of Pisces is fallen but the debilitation is largely mitigated due to the reception from an exalted Venus. More than anything, Mercury is the natal lord of the ASC. Lord of the ASC being the promissor of the period is a positive factor in itself. On the other hand, Mercury is placed in the 10H which indicates professional success and fame. However, recognition and rewards are related to the 5th and 9th houses. In Einstein’s case, 10th lord Jupiter, the dispositor of promissor (Mercury) is placed in the 9th house of Aquarius. To add more concreteness to the case, Jupiter is the Oikodespotes of the chart and Jupiter is the benefic in favour as this is a diurnal nativity. Jupiter is in a mutual exchange with Sect mate and the 9th lord, Saturn which is placed in the 10H. From Vedic point of view, this is a powerful Dharma Karma Adhipatya Yoga. With promissor in a reasonably well mitigated position despite debility in the 10H, has clearly acted in favour of Einstein in promoting his work to limelight through a Nobel Prize in Physics.

Directing Oikodespotes (Master of the Nativity)

Jupiter is the Oikodespotes and directed Jupiter is in Mercury’s bounds of Pisces. In many ways, the natal 10H is super activated and is also beneficial. Jupiter is the natal dispositor of the bound lord (major timelord Mercury) which is placed in the 10H of Pisces. Hence, there is a clear connection between the significator (Jupiter) and promissor (Mercury). With both the planets connected to the 10H of the natal chart, the activation during this period has worked in favour. Einstein won the laurels in the year 1922 which is the last year of the major period ruled by Mercury. Mercury rules the bounds from 16° to 19° of Pisces. Adding to this, the natal MC, falls in conjunction with the Oikodespotes (Jupiter) in the natal chart (9H).

Profections & Conditions of the planets involved

Einstein won the nobel prize in November 1922 when he was running his 44th year of age. 9th house is activated as profected house/sign (Aquarius). 9th lord Saturn is placed in the 10H of Pisces. Ruler of the year Saturn is placed in Pisces and that too in a mutual exchange with the lord of Pisces, Jupiter. Jupiter is the master of the nativity ruling the ruler of the year. 9H is the house of recognition and rewards in the academic field. Einstein’s groundbreaking work in discovering the law of photoelectric effect was recognised with the highest and the most prestigious award in the field of academics. Apart from the reception from Jupiter, Venus also receives Saturn with her exaltation in Pisces. More importantly, planets in their own sect are well placed in a good configuration with the ascendant.

Directing the ruler of the year - Saturn

Saturn progresses through the bounds of Venus starting from 1919 to 1927. Venus is the promissor during the entire period and Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn which is the ruler of the year. Jupiter’s role as the 10L and also the master of the nativity, puts Jupiter in a position to take responsibility of whatever happens in Pisces through Saturn. Venus is in a well dignified position in Pisces. Even though Venus is a long way after separating from Saturn, the reception of whole sign is still in play.

© Aswin Balaji Subramanyan 2019

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