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Putin declares war

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

In what is a dreadful and an unfortunate development, Putin declared war on Ukraine and the military operations have already begun. In my earlier blog post, I'd mentioned that the final Kalasarpa of the Taurus-Scorpio axis is extremely difficult, the Moon's ill placement has turned out to be deadly. This will be another small post with astrological factors that are explicit. There are many things that we need to focus upon anyway.

At 5.55, when Putin officially confirmed war, Sagittarius was rising with Mars-Venus conjunction. Sagittarius is the 6H of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart and it is the 8H of the Moon's entry into the nodal axis chart. In a way, Russia is its own enemy because of the 6H rising of the Moon conjunct Ketu chart while the war began. The ruler of the 7/12 and 1&6 are placed in the 1B of the war chart which signifies; death, war, identity crisis and irreconcilable enmity. The Moon in the 12H in conjunction with Ketu and Rahu in the 6H is a straightforward case of war. Ketu with the Moon in the 12H shows the distress of the people which is very unfortunate. Astrologer Lars Panaro mentioned a while ago that "Mars is overtaking Venus in sidereal Sagittarius which is a sign that symbolizes warfare and weaponry". Hence, the 6H from Cancer (rising of JU-SA Moscow) is a prominent case in promoting quarrels and escalating situations that are already tense. Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Nodes, the Moon are all indicating war situations. Jupiter and Sun are squared by the Nodes. MC in 12H is yet another huge factor in terms of indicating what was about to happen. According to the Chakra Dasa, the Cancer- Pisces period is active until March 24, 2022. Soon after, we will nodal transit from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra followed by equally difficult Saturn-Mars conjunction. It is impossible that we miss to notice transiting Mars almost exactly squares its position in the JU-SA conjunction chart. From the JU-SA conjunction, followed by Chakra Dasa and other transit charts, manifestation has been astrologically visceral. Things look grim but we have to pray for our Ukrainian friends. Let peace be!

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