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Rahu-Moon Conjunction with Sakata Yoga

Originating in the southern regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, specifically, the Chandrakala Nadi, also known as Devakeralam, is a widely respected text on predictive astrology. Nadiamsa is the primary focus of this system, but we won’t be discussing it in detail in this particular essay. It is on my agenda to write an introduction to Nadiamsa at some point.

The Moon joining Rahu in the 2nd house and being in Sakata Yoga (with Jupiter) will bless the native with abundant education, skill in consideration of the pros and cons, and a high order of intelligence.

Devakeralam, Verse 925

After posting this verse on my Facebook page, I received feedback from my friends Lars Panaro and Rok Koritnik. Motivated by their comments, I felt compelled to dig deeper into this topic and uncover a comprehensive understanding of this particular verse. It is not uncommon for verses like these to challenge our comprehension of the fundamental principles of astrology. The distinctiveness of Indian astrology lies in the functional roles attributed to the planets. Apart from their natural classification as benefics or malefics, every planet (with the exception of the Nodes) takes on specific functional roles, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of an individual’s nativity. Therfore, it will be important to consider the functional roles of planets when analysing any placements.

Sakata Yoga is formed when the Moon and Jupiter are placed in 6th house or 8th house from each other. In general, it is considered ideal to have the Moon in conjunction, angle, or trine with Jupiter as these specific configurations are believed to bring about beneficial effects for the Moon. The psychological apparatus of an individual is determined by the condition of the Moon, serving as a window into their mindset.

Verse 925 alludes to the author’s suggestion that when the Moon is in conjunction with Rahu in the 2nd house and Jupiter is positioned in either the 7th or the 9th house, the native is bestowed with an ample amount of education and a clear discernment of the good and bad aspects of life in general. Furthermore, it states that the individual born with these placements will exhibit a superior level of intellect.

The conjunction of Rahu and the Moon creates a challenging configuration that significantly impacts the psychological well-being of the individual. The underlying message here is that natives have a proclivity for sensitivity, causing them to easily succumb to impulsive behavior when faced with any situation. These natives are very reactive and quite non-receptive to opinions from others. However, in terms of their personal attributes, they exhibit a great deal of shrewdness and their primary focus revolves around individualism. The Moon, which is widely regarded as the most personal planet, symbolizes the essence of the “self” and encompasses a man’s desires and self-centered needs. The concept of selfishness should not always be seen in a negative light, as it often implies prioritizing oneself. On the flip side, Rahu represents various qualities including obsession, illusion, sudden rise, being in the limelight, and engagement in politics.

Apart from representing income and family, the second house also signifies one’s grasp and aptitude. When Rahu is positioned in a chart, it has the ability to intensify and cultivate an overwhelming fixation on the subjects associated with it. The positioning of Rahu in the 2nd house can contribute to an intensified focus and obsession with topics linked to the 2nd house. Furthermore, the presence of the Moon indicates a tendency to prioritize personal gain above all else. They will focus on amassing wealth beyond count and depending on the placements of other planets, the degree of success in gaining wealth will vary. This is the natural outcome that arises from astutely analyzing a given situation to discern what would be advantageous for them. People with a Rahu-Moon conjunction would even resort to deceptive tactics in order to manipulate challenging scenarios into favourable ones that serve their own interests.

Lars mentioned that Sakata Yoga almost always indicates breaks in learning, which is very much true but it doesn’t mean they cannot come back from the break and continue their learning because Jupiter, the natural significator of wisdom would be in either 7th or the 9th house and it would aspect the Ascendant from both these places and it would indicate the recovery of the native from any challenge that they might face in their life resulting in unintended breaks or hindrances. Apart from Chandra Lagna (Moon as the AC), Indians obviously look at the Lagna and then, Surya Lagna (Sun as the AC). If at least one of these have benefic configurations, the native would be equipped to break the barriers and make something out of their life. With Sakata Yoga, the Moon will be in aversion from Jupiter, the benefic influence, but Jupiter would aspect the Ascendant which would act as an alternate mitigation factor.

When Jupiter is placed in either the 7th or the 9th house, specifically when it is in the 6-8 position from the Moon, it forms the Sakata yoga. However, it is crucial to highlight that if Jupiter is in the 9th house and is in aversion to the Nodes, it indicates the presence of Jupiter without any negative impact on the manifestation of its significations. Those with Jupiter in the 9th house possess a remarkable ability to accumulate knowledge, though their interest does not lie solely in philosophical or religious texts. Instead, they adopt a conventional approach to education, placing great emphasis on excellence and acquiring a diverse range of knowledge. With the passage of time, the knowledge that these natives acquire through learning and studying gradually transforms into wisdom, enriching their lives. The true essence of education lies in the application of what we learn to real-life situations, which can be referred to as “actual” education. Additionally, individuals with Jupiter in the 9th house are blessed with the ability to apply their learnings in real life due to the beneficial aspect of Jupiter on the 1st house from the 9th house. This also reflects on the individualism.

The presence of Jupiter in the 7th house has the effect of broadening the scope of the topics associated with the 7th house, which encompass areas such as marriage, relationships, and collaboration. Even though individuals with Rahu and the Moon in the 2nd house tend to have a self-centric approach, those with Jupiter in the 7th or the 9th house demonstrate their ability to work within a group, despite this self-centricity. The 7th house, which serves as the first gateway, introduces us to the realms of life that extend beyond our personal experiences and always involves interactions with others.  Jupiter expands the topic of “others”, and its aspect to the first house ensures that the native can maintain their individualistic approach while also effectively collaborating with others.

One potential drawback of the Rahu-Moon conjunction with Sakata Yoga is that individuals may not be the most favourite for others due to their impulsive or rash behavior, which often results in hasty decision-making and subsequent disruptions to their current circumstances. Whenever the Moon aligns with Rahu, it consistently signifies a tendency towards greed, indicating that individuals under this influence are never satisfied or content with their possessions. The primary source of burden in their life stems from the perpetual sense of discontentment, and the issue with always yearning for more is that it eventually transforms into a cumbersome load. Depending on the stage of life they are in, these individuals will gravitate towards various interests that captivate them during that specific period, and unfortunately, this becomes a burden for them as they are not content with just pursuing one thing. Their unwritten intention is to continue running in the future, not driven by motivation, but rather driven by a lack of self-satisfaction.

The above is the nativity of Jack Dorsey, former co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, with Rahu-Moon conjunction in the 2nd house of Libra with Jupiter (Rx) in the 9th house of Taurus. I will leave this open for interpretation.


© Aswin Subramanyan

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