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Russia-Ukraine (2022) & Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)- SA-JU Conjunction in Capricorn

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Image Source: Business Insider

After publishing the article "The Russia-Ukraine Conflict" I had a thought of checking the previous JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn. As I was looking at the chart, astrologer and my friend, Tania Daniels with whom I have been in conversation regarding this entire issue, gave me the details of US-Cuban crisis of 1962 (preceeded by a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn) during when another world war almost broke out but was dealt with diplomacy. Then, we exchanged some ideas about the JU-SA conjunction of 1960 and 2020 especially how the nodal axis pattern mentioned in the earlier article being very significant.

The first striking thing we have to note here is the Cancer rising and Capricorn being the 7th house. In the JU-SA conjunction chart for Moscow, we have the same Cancer-Capricorn axis of 1/7. Straightaway, we have to see that all the planets are placed in descending side of the nodal axis except the great conjunction itself.

Since the nativity is by day, the Chakra Dasa period begins from the sign where the ruler of the AC is placed. The Moon is the ruler of the AC and the Moon is placed in the 9th house of Pisces and hence the period begins with the activation of Pisces. Jupiter is fallen in Capricorn and is in conjunction with the maraka lord Saturn but Venus is exalted in Pisces and is in conjunction with the Moon. The problem initiated from October of 1962 towards the end Pisces-Aquarius period. Jupiter and Saturn being the time lords are placed in the 7th house. Immediately during the Aries major period, we saw tension escalating with a threat to another war. Mars in the JU-SA chart is placed in 12th house with trine reception from Mercury (in the 8th house along with Ketu and the Sun. 12th house is war, the 12th ruler is placed in the 8th house and Mars is a warrior planet. There are so many combinations that are potentially capable of indicating war.

However, in the transit of 1962, there was a big energy shift in terms of the Nodes moving from the Leo-Aquarius axis to Cancer-Capricorn axis. Moreover, the time lord Mars by transit (ruler of Aries) is placed in the 1st house in a debilitated state (reception from the Moon and in conjunction with Rahu). One would have expected the Aries period to be very tricky but Mars had lost its potency in transit because of debiliation and Mars is also not powerful in the JU-SA chart because of its position in the 12th house.

In comparison with the current situation, a very important factor is the strength of the 9th house which indicates foreign diplomacy. Venus, the planet of liasoning and facilitating negotiations is very strongly placed in the 9th house of the Havana chart in conjunction with the 9th house. The conjunction between the 1st and the 9th ruler is very auspicious and we know that peace prevailed despite the constant continuation of the cold war relating in strained relations between the USSR and USA. In the Moscow chart, we see the Moon is placed in conjunction with Mars. Additionally, Mars is also conjunct the MC.

One of the reasons why we may not have had the war is because of the naturally strong 9th house in the JU-SA chart with the conjunction of the Moon and Venus with Venus in its exaltation. As a matter of fact, Mars is in the 12th house squaring Venus and the Moon. Whether or not this will diffuse conflict, I cannot say it as it is easy to say anything now but my idea was just to provide this similar event for a different perspective for the readers to compare the Russia-Ukraine situation.

As I was writing, this, we Russia has pulled back some of the troops from the border to their bases. This is a very comforting news considering the intensity of the tension prevailing currently and we need to hope that the situation will completely diffuse.


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