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Russia-Ukraine UNGA Peace Talks

Updated: Jul 4

After a traumatic 5 days of war In Ukraine and endless unrest to the poor Ukrainian civilians, the United Nations General Assembly meeting is to be held at the Belarus-Ukraine border. WION has announced that the time of meeting would be 10.00 AM local time (Ukraine). I cast a chart to see that Taurus is rising with Venus in the 9H of Capricorn. The most striking feature of this chart is the cluster of planets in the 9H.

1H is Ukraine since this is happening in Ukraine, 7H is Russia, 4H is other countries involved apart from Ukraine and Russia, 10H is the United Nations. The good thing is to see Jupiter and the Sun in the 10H of Aquarius. Yet, we have to be worried about the 9H. Venus in the 9H is dependent on Saturn, which indicates Ukraine dependent on the UNGA to bring about a solution but I doubt if Ukraine will compromise because of the AC being a fixed sign. The 10H is also fixed (Aquarius) and hence, the UN would tighten the noose to find peace.

7H of Scorpio is Russia and Mars is exalted in the 9H. Saturn and Mars are in conflict here because obviously the UN would call for peace. With a resolute Ukraine not willing to bend, we could see multiple conflicts. A cluster of planets in the 9H of foreign diplomacy indicates multiple opinions leading to conflicts.

The Moon, indicating the people, is also placed in the 9H. The condition of the Moon explains the situation of the civilians and the UN would put that forward strongly. The Moon and Mercury also indicate different opinions but this shows that at heart, everyone wants peace. This is a day chart and Saturn is the boss and he would call the shots. If we associate Saturn with the 10H of the UN, we could sense some kind of an agreement in place in the future if not now. With a strong exalted Mars in the diurnal chart, I am afraid of hastiness and impulsiveness it can bring in because we cannot leave Saturn and Mars to handle diplomacy and unfortunately we have this scenario here which is symbolically quite descriptive.

Although I don't expect a final solution today, I think this might be a platform for a diplomatic solution which might come up after the transiting Moon moves out of Taurus which is on or after March 10, 2022.

I calculated Chakra Dasa for the day and below are the rulerships.

12.10 - 14:10 - Capricorn

14:10 - 16:10 - Aquarius

16:10 - 18:10 - Pisces

18:10 - 20:10 - Aries

20:10 - 22:00 - Taurus

22:10 - 00:10 - Gemini

12:10 PM to 18:10 PM offers a lot of promise but after that, it seems like declining trend. We can only hope for the best.

Modifications to the earlier post Astrologer Steven Birchfield cautioned me that there has been change in the time when the talks began. Now we have Gemini rising with a cluster of planets in the 8H. 10th ruler, Jupiter indicating the UN is placed in the 9H with the Sun. Jupiter is combust which is the ruler of the 10H but it is 4° away from the Sun in Aquarius and hence there is a possibility of the UN holding the upper-hand. Now, Mercury indicates Ukraine and Sagittarius indicates Russia. Jupiter is in the 9H, better placed than the 1st ruler Mercury in the 8H. Jupiter is cadent and combust but Jupiter with the Sun in the 9H is indicative of sanity and greater thinking! For sure, Russia is stronger in this chart, but Russia has been calling for talks since the 3rd day of war but Ukraine declined. With Jupiter in the 9H, we could interpret that Russia is looking for a conclusion probably because of the economic impact. 3L, the Sun in the 9H of Aquarius is it's detriment which makes it weak, but natural significancations of the Sun and Jupiter is the hope but it's a slim rope. The cluster of the planets in the 8H (Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon) is the worry but because these planets are in aversion to the 1st and the 7th (Russia and Ukraine), there probably is less chance that conflicts might affect the outcome of the talks but it is clear that there won't be an ultimate conclusion to this issue. With Mercury in the 8H (Ukraine), Ukraine will be in a position to compromise because of the losses they suffered which is so unfortunate.

I'm still unsure and I doubt if there will be a conclusion today because of the Kalasarpa. But, I'm hoping for things to slowly straighten with today's beginning in the Belarus-Ukraine border. But, I do fear the "worse" before that. Repeat: With Mercury in the 8H, Ukraine might have to give up or compromise. Having said that, with mutable Gemini rising, the talks will continue for quite a while and will return to pester us during the course of this cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Please note that there is no change in Chakra Dasa Periods because Mercury (Ruler of the AC) is placed in 8H of Capricorn.

Let Peace Be!

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