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Saturn Retrograde 2023

Saturn’s retrograde motion gives us an opportunity to enter into an important period of honest self-reflection and self-introspection. It also sets a lot into motion and hence, I thought I’d write about this phase briefly. On the exact moment when Saturn went retrograde, Capricorn was rising and the ruler of the 1st house is Saturn which makes a concerte case of a draggy period overall for the most of us. We may need to revisit the path that we have taken in our lives in terms of philosophical standpoint. There is a lot that we need to ponder at work. Some of us might have an identity crisis where we are at a situation to prove ourselves to someone or some group and we are looking to take that road of refining ourselves on a public platform. We may be taking that road walking back on the paths that we probably travelled during the past year.

We may clearly be realising some of the incorrect mindset that we have had over the past year about the boundaries that we set for ourselves. Boundaries are of two kinds. One is the boundary that we draw for ourselves so that we don’t cross it and there is another boundary that we draw for other people and not let them cross it at any cost. Depending upon the circumstances in our lives, we may have breached either of these two boundaries or even both. Now is the time to redefine the lines that we won’t cross and won’t let other cross into us as well.

Self-respect is another thing that was probably at stake as a result of breaking the boundaries. We must be frustrated at how we have been accessible allowing ourselves to be taken for granted that may have resulted in letting our guard down. This is exactly the period where we need to take and hold our guard back up so that trespassers don’t touch our mental apparatus. We must have been naive where people might have used us but Saturn’s retrograde motion will help us identify all those loopholes that we had in our lives and we can fix them over the next five months.

While this might be a draggy period at many levels, I also suppose this might be one of eye-opening phases of our lives because Saturn is in Aquarius (fixed) and this will frame the boundaries and limitations for us from a positive side that might stay with us for many years to come. The lines that we draw now in various facets of our lives will define the kind of person that we want to be.

Mars and Venus are in the 7th house with Mars in debilitation. Emotions are running high especially in terms of relationships and collaborations. Both Mars and Venus are aspecting the 1st house intensifying the impact that one might have because of any relationship or collaborative venture. If you are already in a relationship that is troubling you, this is the right time for you to make way out of it. If you are in a friendship or collaboration that is impacting you negatively, this is the perfect period to end it because this is not the time we spend for others and with others but this is the time we need to spend for ourselves for personal and spiritual growth.

Mercury and the Moon are placed in the 5th house of Taurus making this a period of creative, yet rationale filled ride. There may be new ventures that we might focus on or creative pursuits that we might be interested in. Although this is the right time to end relationships or collaborations that we don’t need in our lives, it is also the right time to explore other options or alternatives because of the strong 5th house. The Moon and Venus are in mutual exchange and there is no short of emotions and love. Yet, it is important to not get too submissive in a relationship until the Saturn’s retrograde motion is over because, Mars is debilitated which might lead to impulsive actions. We could explore during this period and our deserves would be running high due to in-built emotions, however, it will be important to lie low at this point and try to move forward with more confidence once Saturn turns direct on November 5, 2023.

Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 4th house of Aries and the 10th house Libra respectively. This means, they also square the Ascendant and the 7th house. More importantly, they square Mars and Venus while Jupiter lies on the nodal axis in conjunction with Rahu in the 4th house of Aries. Again, this brings the themes of relationships and collaborations into the picture. There might be a chance of someone from the past might come back in our lives. Someone we already know but probably we are not very sure of moving forward in collaboration or relationship with them. It becomes very crucial to weigh the scale properly by considering enlightened self-interest before making any decision. Yet, it is important to keep emotions out of the equation before making a decision. If it is going to affect us if there is any compromise, we should just decline anything that comes our way because as I said, this is a major phase of self-reflection in our lives. It is not always that Saturn rules the rising sign in the retrograde charts and since it does this time, we should be completely focussing on what is there in this for us rather than giving our head into something out of emotions.

The Sun is placed in the 6th house of Gemini with its ruler Mercury in the 5th house of Taurus. The Sun, ruling the 8th house is placed in the 11th from the 8th house which means, this is a period where we might have sudden incomes or unexpected returns from some old investment or we may have inheritance or we may have insurance reclaim.

With the ruler of the rising sign, Saturn in the 2nd house in retrograde, we may have to pay the expenses that we actually incurred some time ago. The focus on family and finance will be more during this period apart from personal reflections. Major family decisions might take place during this time and it might be rationalistic and well thought out but with compromises. Issues in family will be cleaned up and we will be moving forward with a better frame of mind collectively with the the family.


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