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Solar Eclipse - Moscow, October 2022

Sagittarius rises during the Solar Eclipse in Moscow and this happens to be the 6th house of the JU-SA conjunction chart. This is an indication that Russia might attract and gain more enemies than before. Probably, during this time they might even lose some support across the world they have been having over the past 8 months since the war with Ukraine started.

Jupiter Rx is placed in the 4th house and it holds rulership over the nation and its domestic environment. Jupiter Rx in the 4th house indicates focus and concentration on the domestic matters that are affecting the nation. The eclipse takes place in the 11th house of Libra with Venus in Libra. However, Venus is very close to the Sun. We can take consolation in the fact that Venus is dignified while the Sun is debilitated. But then, burnt is burnt! The Nodes are a bit far off from Venus which is one good thing we can cheer about. Saturn forms a whole sign square with the planets in Libra but it's a far off configuration except the aspect with the Nodes in Aries and Libra.

The 2-5-8-11 Angles

Saturn is placed in the 2nd house of Capricorn in its own terms which gives access to limited resources. Saturn is the ruler of scarcity and limitations. However, Saturn is placed in its domicile in this diurnal chart. Hence, there won’t be complete depletion or unavailability of resources but there will be some form of shortage in resources that are very necessary to live the day to day life. Saturn’s square with the nodes emphasize the imbalance of resources. Even though the resources are available it might not reach the needy at the ground level.

Rahu is placed in the 5th house of Aries with Mars in the 7th house Gemini. There is a sextile by whole-sign in terms of assessing reception but it’s a far-off aspect and might not be an effective reception. This means, Rahu is going to act along. The 5th house represents the national affairs and the way the nation performs in various fields concerning the 5th house such as education and entertainment. The 5th house is also an important house that indicates finances that are available with the country but not necessarily in the liquid form. Rahu in the 5th indicates innovative ways in which the nation has managed to build up investments that might come in handy during such testing times. Russia will further find ways to develop more ways to keep it going during this year. However, this has to be seen because we see some affliction to the finance related houses in this eclipse chart.

However, the 11th house poses an interesting case here. Venus is the ruler of the eclipse and Venus is placed in Libra but it is in a very close conjunction with the Sun, and the Moon as well. Venus is also in the nodal axis. Certainly Venus is afflicted despite having domicile strength. Probably the finances and resources that are supposed to reach the people might not reach them and it might put them in trouble leaving them to face scarcity. Saturn in the 2nd house cements this fact.

The Moon (8L) is placed in the 8th house and it brings a lot of hidden layers to this chart. The ruler of the 8th house going dark in the 11th house of gains in the nodal axis indicates that there is going to be real chaos and confusion which will lead to the distress of the general wellbeing and the mental condition of the people of the nation. The 8th house indicating oil with its ruler in the 11th house further asserts the fact that oil is the primary drive of the world which is threatening war on a daily basis.

The 5th ruler Mars is placed in the 7th house of Maraka with its ruler Mercury late in the 10th house making it vulnerable because the reception is weak because of The trine of Mars-Mercury is very far off. This leaves Mars alone in Gemini. Mars in early Gemini and by avasthas, this basically old age.


Eclipse in Swati Nakshatra is a significant factor to consider because two things that we can attribute to Swati are fearlessness and trade related matters. Many astrologers associate Swati with Rahu in mundane matters but I think it is incorrect and misleading. Swati is ruled by Vayu Devata and Libra is an air sign. With the Nodes afflicting the Aries-Libra axis with eclipse in Libra in Swati, squared by Saturn, pollution of air cannot be ruled out. At this point, the only chance seems to be the nuclear threat. Although this chart doesn’t potentially indicate a large-scale war, the point of eclipse in Swati is really worrying.

In relation to JU-SA Conjunction

Cancer was rising when JU-SA were conjunct with respect to Moscow. The Eclipse happens in the 4th house of the chart which further emphasizes the internal chaos and politics leading to the disruption of the general well being of the people of the nation. The Great conjunction point squares the eclipse and this indicates that this solar eclipse is a significant period which might trigger the movement of things further south in terms of the war situation. The eclipse also squares the AC of the conjunction chart further confirming the factors that we discussed in this chart regarding the wellbeing of the people of the nation.

The Sun fallen in Libra indicates that the leader is not of the right mind and needs serious help and assistance to see things in the right way. Undue ego and the craving of domination which seems like a luxury at this point might really end up clouding any decision making process that happens in the period around eclipse. The Moon (Ruler of the AC - JU-SA) is squared tightly by the eclipse Mars and this is an aspect of worry which indicates the representative of the people is ambiguous and also dangerous to their own nation. We should not be surprised to see any form of riots within Russia.


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