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Solar Revolutions, Profections and Primary Directions

I was carefully reading Abu Mashar’s On the revolutions of the years of the nativities translated from Arabic by Dr. Benjamin Dykes and I wanted to write a simple post depicting the usage of Solar Revolutions, Profections and Primary Directions in connection with the root chart (Nativity). I have used the current US President, Donald Trump's chart in this post.

Before beginning, I want to affirm my stand that I don’t know much about politics in the USA. The fact that I have no knowledge about Trump’s past gives me a good platform to analyze what is going on in his chart without any bias. I don’t know the candidates contesting the next elections to be the US President. But, I am just going to talk about how Trump’s year of election is going to be and other aspects concerning his career and nothing about the results of the election. I won’t talk about anything beyond the astrological facts!

Solar Year 2019-20

Before looking into what is going to happen in the next year let us first do a quick analysis as to why Trump was acquitted of all charges laid against him in this year.

In the image, you will see the natal wheel on the left and the SR wheel on the right. According to profections, Trump was living through the 3rd house activation year (Libra) thereby making Venus, the ruler of the year. Venus rules the 3rd and the 10th house of the nativity. Venus is placed in Taurus in the SR chart which makes it very powerful. Strong Venus in the SR chart mitigates the strained 12th house position in the nativity.

There were so many people opposing Trump and the social media was swamped with support for impeachment. The intensity of the enmity is due to the fact that 10th ruler Venus posited in the bounds of Venus. Taurus was rising in the SR chart and Taurus is the 10th house of the nativity and this increases the prominence of the 10th house matters such as profession. Given that Venus is strongly placed in the 1st house of the SR chart, indicates that the native will emerge victorious (impeachment).

When it comes to Primary Directions, MC is placed in the bound of Venus which further establishes prominence and success in the matters related to career.

Solar Year 2020-21

While Trump was (and is) riding on the strong placement of Venus in 2019-20, it seems as if things are different when it comes to 2020-21. Trump will move in the 4th house profection year which will make Mars, the ruler of the year.

Ruler of the 4th house Mars is posited in the 1st house indicating the native himself. Mars in the bound of Jupiter in Leo is not a really bad placement. Mars is also the ruler of the 9th house. On the other hand, the 4th house doesn’t look strong and auspicious as it hosts the fallen Moon and Ketu in the bound of Saturn. Both the Moon and Ketu are posited in the transition point between water sign (Scorpio) and fire sign (Sagittarius). This is called the Gandanta point in Vedic astrology indicating nervousness, tension and unexpected troubles.

In the SR chart, the AC is in Cancer which is the natal 12th house thereby indicating that matters pertaining to the 12th house will become prominent during this period. Ruler of the SR AC, the Moon is debilitated in the nativity. Ruler of the year, Mars is placed in the 8th house of the SR chart which is the 7th house of the nativity indicates troubles and uncomfortable situations within his own party due to his personal viewpoints. The Moon is posited in Pisces which happens to be the 8th house of the nativity indicating further burdens. Jupiter (Rx) is already debilitated and is not in a position to hand a solid reception to the Moon in Pisces and this further weakens the Moon.

We noticed that the strong Venus in SR chart mitigated the weak position of Venus in the nativity (2019-20). In 2020-21, Venus (bound lord of the MC in primary directions), again strongly placed in the SR chart in the 11th house (Taurus is the 11th whole sign in the SR chart). Venus is retrograde and it becomes a compelling factor in symbolically indicating that the native might actually come back as a strong contender in the elections despite the fact that many people are opposing his position in the office.

Primary Directions

I directed Mars through the bounds in this case because Mars is the ruler of the year as per profections and I wanted to see the condition of Mars as per primary directions. Mars is posited in the bound of Saturn in Libra and Saturn is placed in the 12th house of the nativity. Moreover, Saturn is not a very favourable planet for Leo rising natives as it rules the 6th and the 7th houses. Of course, the 7th house is angular but it also is a maraka (killer) house. This is an indicator that the native might fall ill and the health condition might deteriorate. Venus (Rx) in Taurus of Taurus supporting fulfillment of wishes is probably the only supportive factor in the solar return chart of 2020-21.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out over the course of next one year. His fate in the elections remains to be seen as we are still unsure about who is contesting the elections from the democratic party.

In the subsequent posts, I look forward to diving deeper with this technique.


© Aswin Subramanyan 2020

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