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The Blue Yeti Election

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Electional astrology (Muhurtha) is an integral part of Indian astrological setup and elections have been a mainstay of our family because even those do not do natal astrology in my family can actually erect decent elections based upon the need. My interest in electional astrology is not new and I have been doing elections as long as I have been doing astrology.

Most of the times, our life is driven by the needs and we often don’t have the time to elect a chart to do something. If something is really important to the course of our life over a period of next few years and if we have the liberty to wait, we often take a chance and wait for a good electional chart. I came across a situation when I didn't really have much time to even look at the chart and fell prey to a greedy marketing strategy. In June 2019, Amazon announced an offer over 35% discount on Blue Yeti USB microphone which supposedly was a top quality USB microphone. The offer was active only for a few hours when I saw and I did not have the time to look at the astrology and elect a time. I had an online astrology symposium coming up at that time and I was so excited about having a quality microphone which would enhance my audio output. However, in late July 2019, my audio output in one of the videos I was doing with my colleague for their youtube channel was terrible. I was totally disappointed because I had let down my colleague/friend and I couldn’t figure out why the microphone had malfunctioned. Ultimately, I couldn’t rectify the issue with the mic and was convinced it wasn’t a technical issue from my side. I raised a ticket to “blue” and I have been following up with them ever since and there is still no conclusion/solution to the problem. I looked at the chart by using the time at which ordered the mic and found some obvious reasons.

Chart details: 12 June 2019, 09:44 AM, Chennai, India

Ruler of the rising sign, the Moon is placed in the 3rd house of Virgo which is not necessarily an evil position. However, the Moon (Virgo 22°06’) is applying to a square with Saturn (Sagittarius 24°59’) and from the other side, the Moon is applying to a square with Mars (Gemini 23°15’). Both are really tight squares and appears as if there is no hope which clearly killed the mic. The Moon is also applying to a square with the Nodes. With the amount of malefic influence to the Moon, it is almost impossible to even think that the mic is going to live.

What makes Mars extremely potent in afflicting the Moon is that Mars is aspecting its own bound in Virgo in which the Moon is actually posited. Yes, Moon is posited in the bound of Mars which further weakens the condition of the product. Let us not miss the Saturn Mars opposition which indicates a really stressful situation because of the price of the product.

The Moon is already past the sextile with the lot of fortune (Libra 16°32’) and also past the receptive square with Mercury (18°22’) which indicates that there is really help from anyone to help with the problem I was and still am facing with the mic. Ruler of the 7th (customer care), Saturn is posited in the 6th house (12th from 07th) and the customer care agents were NOT at all helpful as the case was not assigned to one single person. The case was handled by different people on various working days and the answer that each executive wrote were extremely inconsistent.

Mercury rules microphone and is dignified in Gemini but it is placed in the 12th house and is no more connected with the Moon which makes it handicapped in some way. Moreover, Mercury is also applying to an opposition with Saturn and a conjunction with Mars adding agony to its already troubled connection with the nodal axis.

With Venus well dignified in Taurus and the Sun’s position in the 11th house makes me believe that I might end up getting a refund. In fact, I received an email (finally) asking if I’d opt for a refund instead of replacement because apparently, blue yeti doesn’t have an international warranty (be aware). Another comforting aspect is the Moon sextile Jupiter (Libra 25°09’).


© Aswin Subramanyan 2019

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