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The Sad Case of Siddhartha 

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

On July 29, 2019, Siddhartha, the chairman of Cafe Coffee day group went missing and everyone was quite panicked for a couple of days until a letter was found on July 31, 2019 at 6:30 AM which was written by Siddhartha himself (as claimed). Later in the day, Siddhartha's dead body was found in a river in Mangalore, Karnataka. On July 30, 2019, we had news covering the valuation of the assets Cafe Coffee Day group and the figure was Rs. 18000 crore. So, why would a person who has a debt of 11000 crore against his name of his company's name would choose to kill himself when the asset value is Rs. 7000 crores more than his debt? I decided to pull out a chart with the details of the finding of the letter (July 31, 2019, 6:30 AM, Mangalore, Karnataka). What I found was shocking and revealing.

Straight away, we see that this is a night chart and the Moon, both rising lord and also the sect light is struggling in the 12th house and is completely afflicted by the nodal axis and the tension due to the whole sign opposition to Saturn. Ruler of the Moon, Mercury is in the late degrees of Gemini. But Mercury is retrograde. Hence, we can surely conclude that something is not right in this case. Mercury retrograde and the Moon's bad placement indicates that the news is not a favorable one. Despite Mercury is in it's own sign of Gemini, Mercury is retrograde and the sect light connection, nodal axis and the Saturn opposition indicates a bad news. Moon, Mercury (Rx), Nodes and Saturn indicate a huge amount of pressure that the native put into. So, we now know that the native was put into a huge amount of pressure. Did he have enemies? Looking at the 6th house shows that he had some really troubling enemies. Certainly this could have been due to the debts that he had obtained. Jupiter (Rx), 6L is out of sect and is placed in the 5H. Jupiter's retrograde motion says that there were some troubles to the native sometime back. But, Jupiter's retrograde motion has rekindled the animosity from his enemies. All the more, 6H is hosting Saturn, also in retrograde motion indicates that the enemies are tightening the noose against the native. Nodes in connection with Saturn and Mercury has made the situation worse by all means. 12H indicates end and that's where the Lagna lord is placed. There is also a kala sarpa dosha in the chart as all the planets are stuck in between the nodal axis. Vettius Valens, gives a positive description to the Saturn's bound in Gemini. Moon, the rising lord and also the sect light is placed in the bound of Saturn in Gemini. "The last 6° belong to Saturn: temperate, a procurator, having possessions, intellectual, with a wide knowledge, distinguished, noted for intelligence, an arranger of great matters, most famous." [Vettius Valens' Anthology - Mark Riley translation, pg 6]. Yet, rising lord and the sect light in the bounds of a natural maleficent like Saturn is not something we welcome. Despite having a lot of skills and knowledge, the native was not really able to get out of this situation and eventually succumbed to some strenuous pressure from other external sources. Sun in Saturn's bounds also indicates that the native has developed some conflict with the government or was not in a position to seek any help or assistance from the government. More importantly, Mars is debilitated on the ascendant and it rules out any possibility of the involvement of the cops in helping the native come out of the situation. So, it is almost explicit that the native was out of any help in anyway. Venus, the 11L that indicates help through some sources is combust in Cancer. This indicates two things: one being emotional trauma and the other being lack of help from any kind of sources. The native was invisible to anyone's eyes during this period and hence, he was far off from calling for any kind of assistance. A question arises. Why did the native choose to kill himself when the asset value is significantly higher than his debts? Does it make sense? In all astrological senses, certainly, "No". Mars, even though debilitated, is placed in Jupiter's bound. The fourth term, 7°, belongs to Jupiter: kingly, imperious, glorious, judging, great-hearted, temperate, ruling, entirely noble. [Vettius Valens' Anthology - Mark Riley translation, pg 6]. The native was certainly not going to kill himself. It clearly appears as if he was killed. Once Saturn goes direct, the actual cause of death should come to the light. Venus and her improvement in dignity will continue to reveal more truth about the matter. Until then, take care!


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