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Volodymyr Zelenskyy, The Great Conjunction, Saturn-Mars conjunction and the Total Solar Eclipse

Impact of a single nativity on an entire country

Dr. Benjamin Dykes in one of his interviews about Mundane Astrology spoke a little bit about how one person's nativity can majorly impact the entire nation. More than any prediction or forecast, I just tried to look at multiple astrological layers of this issue. With Zelensky's chart, I used Total Eclipse of December 2021, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 2020 and the upcoming Saturn-Mars conjunction chart.

The Crazy Quad Wheel

Zelenskyy was born when Taurus was rising and the total eclipse on Dec 4, 2021 was in the 7th house of his chart. 7th house is the maraka and its ruler Mars is the lord of maraka. Although Mercury rules the 5th house, it also rules the 2nd house and holds lordship over the alternate maraka place which is the 2nd house. Mercury is half malefic and it can potentially indicate tragic incidents in life, death or death like scenarios, losing spouse or partners, etc.

Ruler of the 7th house Mars gets into a conjunction with Saturn during the early April and this happens in the natal 9th house which already has Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which took place in December 2021. Saturn-Jupiter of the great conjunction chart, Saturn of the eclipse chart, Saturn-MArs in Saturn-Mars conjunction chart comes together in the natal 9th house of Zelenskyy.

Uttara Kalamrita says that a planet that is placed in the 2nd house from the placement of the 2nd ruler and the 2nd house from the ruler of the 7th house and the planets in that places can also potentially indicate death or death-like scenarios.In Zelenskyy's chart, Mars the 7th ruler is placed in the 3rd house. The 2nd from the 3rd 4th house where Saturn is placed. Saturn can be one of the catalysts along with the Sun. The 2nd ruler Mercury is placed in the 8th house. The 2nd from 8th is the 9th house where all of this astrological drama has happened and is going to happen; which is in Capricorn. Saturn, Mars and Mercury seems to play a very major role in the course of Zelenskyy's life in coming few months and as a result, Ukraine's fate. In other words, the President of Ukraine's life has a lot of parallels with the longevity of Ukraine's sovereignty.

Vimsottari Dasa-Moon-Jupiter from June 2021 and Moon-Saturn from October 2022

Jupiter is the ruler of the 8th house which is the house of longevity and Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house in a mutual reception with the alternate maraka ruler Mercury. Although this doesn't necessarily mean death, there is already a lot of situations where he is facing death-like scenario. The Moon is dignified in the 3rd house of longevity (also the 8th house) but it is placed with the debilitated Mars which is the maraka. In a way, this placement can be interpreted like longevity supresses the maraka. Following this period, Sarturn's sub-period will begin and Saturn is placed in the 4th house of Leo.Saturn ruling the 9th and the 10th house, becomes a planet that can provide Raja yoga to the native and its position in an angle makes Saturn very prominent in this chart. Being a Yogakaraka, Saturn would certinaly not indicate death but, because it is placed in the 2nd house from the maraka Mars (in the 3rd house), more troubles will follow. Although Saturn is angular in terms of its house placement, Saturn is not really dignified in Leo because it is the detriment of Saturn (no reception from the Sun).

Primary Directions

Syzygy in the bounds of Mercury (Leo)

Since we are looking at a practically difficult time frame, I wanted to check the directions of the Hyleg. In the nativity by day, the Sun is cadent, the Moon is also cadent, the ruler of the AC, Venus is also cadent and we are not left with any other option but Syzygy. By primary directions, Syzygy is in the bounds of Mercury in Leo. Mercury is in the 8th house along with the lot of death and the lot of fortune. Mercury is mutual reception with Jupiter and the connection with the 8th ruler is not so auspicious. However, because Mercury is also the 5th ruler, it is indicative of the new found rank in the country.

AC in the bounds of Mars (Cancer)

AC is in the bounds of Mars and Mars rules the 7th and the 12 houses for Taurus rising. Mars is a maraka. Mars is debilitated in the 3rd house. One way to look at this is, if a planet that can potentially indicate trouble is in a weak condition, the trouble could be less. Although the native rose to become a President some time during this period, it is not surprising that the native is also facing the current situation which is very difficult and scary.

MC in the bounds of Venus (Pisces)

MC in the bounds of Venus is clearly descriptive of the rank, recognition and social status of the native. Venus is placed in the 9th house of Capricorn. The 9th house is the house of people's representative. The Sun is the significator of fame. Venus-Sun conjunction has elevated the native to a different level where a group people in the world consider him as the hero. Since, the ruler of the rising sign is placed in the 9th house with its ruler in an angular house, the native's name will last far beyond his time.

In the revolutions of 2022, we see that Leo was rising with the MC in Taurus. Taurus is the rising sign of the native. This further cements the fact that this native is going to hold a key role in shaping the future of this entire issue, at least for this year. Without saying much on revolutions, I will summarize the significance of the collective impact of one nativity with other mundane charts.

Solar Revolutions - Volodymyr Zelenskyy - 2022

The representative of the people and his chart is having a profound connection with the positions of Saturn-Mars conjunction and Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. The directed positions Syzygy in Cancer will oppose the Saturn-Mars conjunction and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. The eclipse falls in the 7th house of the native and the ruler of the sign (Scorpio), Mars is playing a major role in the conjunction and interestingly, this Saturn-Mars conjunction will work in tandem with the great conjunction because they happen in the same sign - this happens to be the 9th house of Dharma of Volodymyr Zelenskyy!


I post regular updates about this and various issues on Instagram besides my YouTube and my blog.

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