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About the longevity of war from Theophilus of Edessa

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

In Chapter 14 of Astrological Works of Theophilus of Edessa translated by Ben Dykes, you will see the below passage:

On the subject of when there will be war, Theophilus says that if the luminaries make a triangle (trine) with each other and look upon the Hour-Marker, the war will be made to cease easily; but if a tetragon (square), (the war) will not be over easily, but the one making war will move from battle to battle, and from place to place. If the luminaries are diametrical (opposition) to each other, the war breaks out slowly and will come to an end only after a long time.

If I understand the passage correctly, in the war chart cast to Moscow, the luminaries are in square (tetragonal) which means, the one who is making war will move from battle to battle and from place to place.

Practical situation in relation to astrology

According to the war chart, the luminaries are squaring each other and this means, the one who is making the war will move on from one place to another. We have to see the peace-driving transit of trine takes place.

In reality, Ukraine is no match to Russia and if they run over Ukraine, we can sense that Putin will go for the Baltic States (will move from one battle to another). Baltic States are NATO members and if Russia attacks any of those states, NATO will have to engage. Basically, World War-III. (Don't take this as my political stance. This is just my perspective based on astrology and what I'm seeing in the media. I have so far been very astrology driven in this issue).

Will the transiting configuration apply?

The answer is, we really have to wait and watch.

Theophilus has said that the war will cease when the Sun and the Moon are in trine to each other and both the luminaries are in trine to the hour-marker (AC). Sagittarius was rising when the war began with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Scorpio. For the said configuration, the Sun should enter Aries with the Moon in Leo. The war chart's AC in Sagittarius will then trine both the luminaries with the luminaries in trine to each other. The trining luminaries by transits will trine the AC of the war chart on May 10 and May 11, 2022.

In my earlier article, I mentioned that the war might cease for some time for sanity by or after mid-May 2022. This seems to come close! Having said that, considering the current situation, and Saturn-Mars conjunction building up, there seems less hope and the only point of hope is Cancer-Taurus period of Chakra Dasa which is a small 50 day window. It's risky to trust because it falls in the nodal axis of the JU-SA chart. But, Venus and Jupiter would be in Pisces which is the 9th house of the JU-SA chart at Moscow. We only have to wait and see.

Addendum on 08 March 2022 -Courtesy: Tania Daniels

After having a conversation with astrologer and my friend Tania Daniels I cast the chart to Kiev, Ukraine. I checked the chart and found no much difference in the chart and I have marked the same points as mentioned in the classical text.

Earlier, I cast the chart to Moscow because Theophilus mentioned thephrase, "the person making the battle". Since Russia was the aggressor here, I cast the chart to Moscow. However, from a horary and event perspective, the war is happening in Ukraine and we cannot deny that the perspective it might offer could be significant. Theophilus mentioned that the luminaries should make an aspect with the Ascendant (marked in the chart). I have not made any astrological implications here because I have already written many posts in my blog.

We should also consider the 7th house here because in the chart cast to Ukraine, Russia is the 7th house (Gemini). In this case, we need to have the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Libra for the condition to be satisfied from transit standpoint. The AC is fixed to the event chart anyway. I'm looking at the transits from the 7th house perspective of the event chart. Unfortunately, this transit is already over for 2022 and the next is only around February of 2023. We have to wait and hope for things to move towards peace!

Clarification: The configurations mentioned by Theophilus needs to be present in chart of the inception of the war itself. Although we don't an exact aspect in the chart, I went ahead to see what might happen when the transits hit the AC point in May.

I have written many posts since early February and no one really knows which technique will work in terms of analyzing the event but if the war comes to a close, it is for the greater good of everyone.

Let peace be!

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