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Cosmic Lineage

As a collective human race, we are currently experiencing an intriguing era, and we are approaching a crucial period where the importance of astrology and the elevated role of astrologers will inevitably escalate. Astrologers will become increasingly necessary for mankind. In the current era, we have an unprecedented opportunity to acquire knowledge in astrology. Portent to recognise that this is also an ideal time to practice astrology and serve humanity to the fullest extent possible. I come from a lineage that has existed for over 300 years, and although I study from ancient texts, I also share exclusive techniques that have been passed down within my family and have stood the test of time. The aim of this school is not just to disseminate the concepts of astrology from the ancient schools of thoughts like Vedic, Hellenistic & Medieval, but also to make the astrologers of tomorrow.  



Diploma in Indian Astrology

Instructor: Aswin Subramanyan

Diploma Degree: Awarded on successful completion of periodical and final assessments

Duration: 1 Year, 36 classes including Q & A

Mode: Online (Google Meet)

Slots: TBD

Timing: 2 hours (Exact time TBD)

Cost: $680

Course details: Please download.

Upcoming Courses


Diploma in Hellenistic & Medieval Persian Astrology

Diploma in Traditional Mundane Astrology

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