My quest to create a future!

Apart from the consultations, to feed my aspiration to contribute to the astrological community involves a lot of cost, time and effort. I am spending a lot of time providing free contents on my YouTube channel (Celestial Vibes - Astrology). I am organizing free symposium on astrology to help astrology reach the masses that are unable to attend conference by spending a lot of money in travel. I am planning to host the online symposiums once in every four months. This involves some cost for sure. 

Support will help me concentrate more on what I want to contribute to the community. I have a lot of things in my mind which I want to do that might actually help hundreds of people like me who cannot spend for the conferences and other useful things in astrology.

If you think my work is good, consider supporting me by becoming my patron through my patreon page. If you don't have a patreon page, you can choose to support me through paypal ( I am sure the contributions will be returned back to the community through contributions to the field of astrology.