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Releasing the Moon - An Astrological Journey of Self Discovery

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Astrologers & Authors Tara Aal, from the U.S., and Aswin Subramanyan, from India, came together to take a fresh look at the Moon and its synodic phases with each of the traditional and modern planets, including Pluto. Releasing the Moon is a melding of Eastern and Western astrology in the context of the lunation cycle and how it applies beyond the Sun and Moon. Life is full of cycles and phases, and anyone, whether they know astrology or not, can relate to them. Releasing the Moon takes a deep dive into phasal material, but even if you’re new to astrology or don’t know it at all, there’s substantial information about each planet and what it represents in us. Releasing the Moon is filled with astrological basics in addition to more intermediate phase exploration. If you've been wanting to learn more about the Moon or the eight phases of evolutionary development, this is your book. And if you already know almost everything there is to know about the topic, it just might open the door to a new perspective.

Firdaria - Periods of Life

Coming Soon!

This book is still being written and more details will be available after June 2020.




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