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Astrology is the greatest gift of the gods to mankind

Natal Astrology


Unlock the secrets of your true self through the Natal Astrology readings, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Central to my practice is the conviction that the cosmos unlocks the secrets to comprehending our innermost beings and the intricate fabric of our existence.  Your birth chart is not just a map of planetary positions; it's a sacred manuscript revealing the essence of who you are and the path you're destined to tread. I will help you decode the cosmic language in your chart, guiding you to a deeper understanding of your purpose, strengths, and challenges. This session will be a deeper invitation that awaits to reconnect with your inner self, resonating harmoniously within, and to fully embrace the interplay of light and shadow, which holds your unique journey. In this dialogue between you and this universe, you will find ways that will help you shape your life's narrative leading to self-realisation and self discovery.

Annual Readings


Our journey towards fulfilling our life’s purpose is an ongoing progression, with each passing year playing a significant role. However, in order to optimize our personal growth within a limited timeframe, it is vital to identify the pivotal years, months, and even fortnights that bear great importance, enabling us to become more self-aware. By breaking down your year and focusing on the important themes and peak periods, let us aim to shed light on the journey you are about to embark on throughout the year with more clarity and confidence.

Focused Reading


The focused reading service aims to assist you in gaining clarity on specific areas of your life, such as career and relationships, which hold great significance to you at that particular point in time. Should you wish to delve into the intricacies of your career during this consultation, we will dedicate significant time and effort to examining the relevant aspects highlighted in their chart.

Natal Astrology and Annual Readings


This is a deeper exploration of your chart that involves the elements of birth natal astrology and annual astrology. 

Electional Astrology


Electional Astrology is a tool with which I help you select a specific chart for an event. Basically, we select a specific date and time of an event based upon your time zone for an inception of some new project (marriage, company,YouTube channel, etc). In order for me to proceed, I would need you to give me a specific time frame within which you would like me to select a date and time. If some days, don't work, you need to give me a prior information about it. We will only schedule a specific consultation if it is required. As soon as I choose a favorable time, I will promptly send you all the necessary details via email. It is crucial to comprehend that achieving a flawless election is an unattainable goal, but we can strive to select the best possible time within the limited timeframe available.

Astrology by Moonlight


In this session very unique session, I talk about the phasal relationship of the Moon with each planet to provide psychological insights. This is based on the book I co-authored called "Astrology by Moonlight". During this session, I explore in detail the Moon's synodic relationships with each planet using the soli-lunar phases in order to throw more light into the psychological apparatus of a person in a more understandable and a pragmatic way. Get ready to experience the roller-coaster ride!


What is a consultation?

The purpose of an astrological consultation is to find clarity and my aim is to provide you with clarity in any walk of your life pertaining to the past, present or future. As an astrologer, I can point out to you some of the answers to your questions that could be related to the current phase of your life or in the near or far future.

The idea of an astrological consultation is to reveal something to you that you have not known until then. Although it might not necessarily be unknown, it may not have occured to you that you may have to work on that particular area of your life. I will help you uncover those areas of your life.

Patronage or Payment

The payment made by the client is not for who I am but for the offering of my time, effort and skill. The idea of give and take existed in all ancient cultures, and it is not something modern. I truly appreciate that you understand and value my offerings.

Mode of the Session

The session is conducted via Google Meet. The meeting link will be sent once the consultation is confirmed or a few minutes before the session. I don't offer written reports.


The duration any session (except elections) is usually 90 minutes in most cases, although I don't mind a little extension if needed. My goal is to ensure the client leaves with all the information they need.

Recordings and follow-up

The recordings are sent to the clients after the session is over. Any follow up emails will be answered. Most clients usually require one or two follow-ups and it is usually fine. Once the recording is sent, it is up to the client to keep the recording for their future reference. I may delete the files due to various reasons primarily the space constraint due to saving the files. 


​​If you think you cannot afford, write to me and we can talk about a win-win situation.


After making the payment, "Fix your appointment here"  or use the button on this page (just above) to finalise a date and time.

Rejection of a consultation session

​I reserve the right to reject any consultation for reasons

I may not wish to disclose, and in that case, I immediately refund the money (if already paid by the client).

What you won't find here?
If you are here for some remedies, gem stones or mystical, psychic matters; I won't be able to meet such expectations.

I won't answer questions related to lifespan.

I won't read the chart of someone else when that person is not present in the session unless the chart is that of a child below 12 years of age.


As an astrologer, I read the chart and communicate my astrological opinion to the client. I won't be responsible for any decisions or choices that the clients (paid or unpaid) may make in their lives. Nor will I be responsible for any events that take place in a client's life.

Payment Method

The payment method is usually PayPal. If you are from India or any other place where Paypal is not feasible or common, please send me an email and I will send an alternate link to make the payment.

I look forward to a successful collaboration!

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