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After making the payment, please write to to fix an appointment (date and time).

After receiving the payment, I start doing preparation works for the consultation 3 days prior to the appointment. So, any cancellation of appointment need to be intimated to me before 3 days of the actual appointment if in case you need a refund. My time is dedicated to you for that particular time involving preparation and also consultation. Demanding a refund for if you miss the 3 days mark is usually unfair. I appreciate your understanding of my situation.

If you think you cannot afford, write to me and we can talk about a possible win-win situation for both of us.

I reserve the right to reject any consultation for reasons I may not wish to disclose. In that case, I immediately refund the money to the client.

I look forward to help you.

Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology is a form of astrology which helps us to understand the nature, quality and events of a person's life using a birth horoscope that is derived using the exact birth time, birth date and birth place. This session usually last for about 75 to 90 minutes and it is done via zoom or skype conferncing. 

In this session, the native will have a clarity as to what their strengths and weaknesses are at a psychological and philosophical level. Planets, signs, aspects and houses reveal a lot of information about a native and their life. Based upon the current context of a person's life and current access to resources, a very practical consultation is provided to the native. 

After this session, a native can certainly trust themselves in terms of doing various things in life based upon the understanding that they have over themselves. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? I’m Here to Help.

What is a consultation/reading?

The main purpose of reaching out to an astrologer is to demystify various aspects of life that are waiting to unfold in near or far future that is potentially eventful. The aim of a reading or a consultation is to provide a mental clarity that the seeker needs. We are all born to fulfill our “karma”. It is not about how to fulfill the karma or it not about when to fulfill the karma. The biggest gateway to the path is to find out the karma itself and achieve it though honest ways which will lead to enlightenment.

How does the consultation work?

Consultations work via video conference. A specific time can be fixed by sending an email after booking a consultation using the form at the end of the page. Timing will be agreed upon mutually. A chart will be sent to client's email.

What is the duration?

Duration of a reading entirely depends upon the native’s requirements and his understandings of my explanations about what’s happening in life. No long readings are always good and no short readings are always bad. Understanding of "truth" alone matters. Yet, a normal reading lasts for an hour or so in general.

Will you provide remedies/gemstone suggestions?

I'm not a gemologist, I don't sell gems and I don't offer gem advice.

What is your approach towards Astrology?

Astrology is a study of greater truth with the help of the positions of the celestial bodies. I think certain aspects of our lives are deterministic. I don't like sugar coating things. I would be inclined to talk nothing but "truth". When things are tricky, they are tricky. Having said, I strongly understand that the duty of an Astrologer is to educate the client about the near or far future. I would not suggest to a client that is impractical. Considering the planetary positions and the possible manifestations, I communicate to the client in a very pragmatic manner which can solve the purpose of a consultation.

What are your specific Ethics that you follow in giving a reading?

I don't give answers for the lifespan of the native or questions regarding death of someone. I believe this kills the peace of the native. If this is your reason for consultation, please ignore me and find yourself another astrologer. The purpose of a reading/consultation is to find clarity and not to lose mental peace.

Do I need to know your background?

Absolutely! It is very crucial to know the background and expectations of a client. Not to say what the client is expecting but to understand the context of a consultation session. There is always a difference between two charts just like there is always difference in two human beings. For instance, let us assume there are two boys born at the same time. One born in a wealthy family and the other born in a middle class family. Now, if and time-lord period transits are favorable in terms of career to this person who was born to a wealthy family, the chances and opportunities might not be the same as it is for a person who was born in a middle class family. The wealthy boy might actually start a company. But that is not the case with the middle class boy due to financial constraints in starting a own company. Here the context is entirely different and result of a transit cannot be of the same degree as it varies from a person to person based upon their existing backgrounds.



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