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After making the payment, please write to to fix an appointment (date and time).​

After receiving the payment, I do preparation works for the consultation 3 days prior to the appointment. So, any cancellation of appointment needs to be intimated to me before 3 days of the actual appointment if in case you need a refund. I dedicate my time to you for that time involving preparation and also consultation. Demanding a refund for if you miss the 3 days mark is usually unfair. I appreciate your understanding of my situation.

​​If you think you cannot afford, write to me and we can talk about a win-win situation.

​I reserve the right to reject any consultation for reasons I may not wish to disclose, and in that case, I immediately refund the money to the client.

​I look forward to helping you.


Natal Astrology


Natal Astrology helps us to understand the nature, quality and events of a person's life using a birth horoscope that is derived using the exact birth time, birth date and birthplace. This session usually last for about 75 to 90 minutes and it is done via zoom or skype conferencing.


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