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Jair Bolsonaro - Storytelling through Astrology

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Jair Bolsonaro, the current president of Brazil has been in the news recently for various reasons while the major one being his statements about the burning of the Amazon rainforest. His wayward statements about the interference of other parties in trying to help Brazil to stop the fires has caused the raise of many eyebrows.

Straight away, the most significant thing we would note in the nativity is the lord of the ascendant, Moon, is placed in the 8th house of Aquarius in conjunction with Mercury. His communication and approach towards communication will be under the scanner and will be questionable. His no-brainers are largely going to be criticized by other global leaders. This has happened very recently when he made his remarks about the fire in the Amazon rain forest.

All these statements are absolutely outrageous and not really backed by any kind of logical interpretation or factual basis. He is exhibiting the classic case of Mercury Moon conjunction in the 8th house. Moon, the ruler of the ascendant is placed in Dhanishta nakshatra and is applying to a sextile to the ruler of the MC, 10H and the ruler of Dhanishta, Mars from Aquarius. While this is indicative of the native’s wealth, is also indicative of the native’s nature of being outrageous in his communication.

Mars, from 10H of Aries, is applying to a strong opposition with Saturn in Libra which straight away indicates havoc at work and damage of reputation on the public stage. There are always multiple layers of manifestation of a specific astrological configuration but the native is exhibiting the most troublesome manifestations. To make things even worse, Saturn in Libra is placed in the Martian bounds which makes him invincible but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. The proper manifestation of this opposition could be delivering honest and straightforward service to the people of the country as the leader at the highest office. However, both Mars and Saturn are placed in the martian bounds of Aries and Libra respectively making any good ask a big ask.

Sun in Pisces should give some kind of spiritual inclination but the Sun is not making a prominent aspect to Jupiter (sign-based square), resulting in non-manifestation of any such traits. Moreover, in reception, the first aspect that the planet makes in the sign before its dispositor can influence the relationship between Jupiter and Sun to a larger extent. In this case, Sun is forming an exact square with the nodes of the Moon thereby reducing the prominence of the reception of Jupiter. There is a sign-based square, but the Sun is far from making a close aspect with Jupiter. With the sect light, Sun not having much support from Jupiter, Sun’s position in the 9H of Pisces is largely in vain.

Directed Ascendant moves into the bounds of Mars in Virgo and this period began in September 2018. The manifestation was so visceral and so quick. Bolsonaro, as the fore running presidential candidate was stabbed where he lost 40% of blood apart from damaging his liver and intestines. He had undergone major surgery to get back on track. On the positive side, Mars powerfully placed in its own sign of Aries, close to Mid-heaven handed him the prize of being the President of Brazil.

Interestingly, Aries, MC of the natal chart, was rising while Bolsonaro assumed office. With Mars (Inauguration chart) applying to a square to the lot of fortune, things are turning out to be not so easy for the public life of the native as there is already quite a few instances where he has been criticized by global leaders. Criticism is part and parcel of being in a powerful position but reasons for being criticized and the position that the native finds himself after a no brain narration or remark is saddening but astrological fulfilling. Mars, the time lord (bound ruler of the directed ascendant) is placed in the 9th house of the inauguration chart along with the lot of fortune (inauguration wheel) means that the favourable external circumstances are very minimal. The native needs to work his way through a bit harder to gain public reputation and belief. Mars (Inauguration chart) is also conjunct the natal sun which indicates that the native needs to be more calm at work. The thought of being the president is probably staying in his mind which is blocking his vision towards some of the most essential things that his nation needs from him.

Moon (Inauguration chart) conjunct the natal Saturn indicates some of the major responsibilities that are pending at the office while the native is shifting his attention towards some of the things that are probably of less priority. His actions toward the Amazon rainforest fire has been very unsatisfactory even to the people of Brazil, let alone the G7 members. Sun and Saturn of the inauguration chart are closely corresponding to the 6th house of the natal chart yet again indicating huge amount of responsibilities that the native has to assume and fulfill for the betterment of his country. There will be a lot of disagreements between the public and the government and it is going to be a tough road ahead for the native to deal with the odds stacked against him.

Let peace prevail!


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