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Modified Fardars or Firdariyyah

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Fardars or Firdariyyah is a medieval astrological timelord technique which was popularized by astrologers like Al Andarzagar and Abu Ma’shar. It is a straight forward timing technique which is based upon the sect of the nativity. The sect of the nativity determines the order or the sequence of the planets that are activated as the timelord for a specific number of years in a native’s life. A major timelord has sub periods divided for each of the 7 traditional planets and the Nodes of the Moon. If the nativity is diurnal, the sequence is as follows: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. If the nativity is nocturnal, the sequence is as follows: Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu.

Number of years allocated for each planet to rule is however mysterious and it is very difficult for me to find out what the rationale really is.

  • Sun - 10 years

  • Venus - 8 years

  • Mercury - 13 years

  • Moon - 9 years

  • Saturn - 11 years

  • Jupiter - 12 years

  • Mars - 7 years

  • Rahu - 3 years

  • Ketu - 2 years

The sub periods are assigned only to the 7 traditional planets and not the Nodes which is puzzling. Moreover, some astrologers use non-nodal scheme of Firdarriyah which does not include the nodes as the major time lord too. This is how sub periods are calculated:

Sun’s major period is 10 years. Here, to calculate the sub-period, we just need to divide the total number of planets by the total ruling years of the major planet. So, in Sun’s major period, each planet will rule 10/7=1.428571429 years. This rule seems to be a bit absurd because there is no rationale of proportion between the major ruling years and the sub period ruling years. So, I tried to assign the sub time lord ruling periods based upon the proportion of their major periods.

For example, Sun rules 10 years of a person’s life. How long does Venus get to rule as a sub time lord in the Sun’s major period? We need to consider this on a proportional basis. Venus rules 8 years of a person’s life. How does the 8 years fit into the 10 years ruled by the Sun proportionally?

10 (years ruled by the Sun) * 8 (years ruled by Venus) = 80
Divide 80 by 75 = 1.066667 years
75 is the total number of years of all the planets (10+8+13+9+1+12+7+3+2)

Even though we do not know the rationale behind why each planet is assigned a specific number of years to rule, there must be some significance. If there is some significance to the ruling period of each planet, the total of 75 should also be significant. If 75 years is significant, sub period for Nodes is equally significant. If we take the Nodes out of the equation when it comes to sub period, the total of 75 becomes unimportant and insignificant. So, I have continued using the nodes even for the sub periods.

How to work with modified Firdariyyah in your practice?

Please click here to download the free table of sub time lord periods in Firdariyyah.

Planet Dance astrology program developed by Jean Cremers from Netherlands has the option of using this modified version of Firdariyyah named as "AB Method - Hand" and "AB Method - Zoller".

Delphic Oracle astrology program developed by Curtis Manwaring has incorporated the modified version of Firdaria named "The AB method" which is available for update for those use the Delphic Oracle program. click here

Working with this new method

Photo Electric Effect

Using this method, I will delineate the Nobel Prize winning by Albert Einstein in the year 1922.

As per the modified calculation of the sub period of the planets, Albert Einstein was living through the major period ruled by Saturn. Saturn is placed in the most prominent 10H of the nativity. Saturn and Jupiter enjoy a mutual reception. Saturn and Jupiter, the sect mates (in their own sect) receive each other in their domiciles and facilitate in ensuring that the native is glorified during this period. Moreover, there is also a Dharma Karma Adhipatya Yoga which is the connection between 9L (powerful trine) and 10L (powerful angle).

Saturn gain more prominence because Venus is exalted in Pisces. So, we have double reception to Saturn and Saturn’s position in this chart is absolutely strong without a doubt. With no hard aspects from Mars, Rahu and Ketu, Saturn enjoys a very comfortable position in Pisces. 10H indicates professional inclination and success. This is almost towards the end of the Saturn’s sub period which is followed by the Jupiter’s sub period of Saturn's major period. During this period Einstein was a celebrated scientist throughout the world and had multiple from various universities across the world.

Tate Misfortune

Actress Sharon Tate was killed when she was living through the major period ruled by Mercury and the sub period ruled by Jupiter. In this case, it is very difficult for us to even imagine because Jupiter is a natural benefic. However, Jupiter is placed in the sign of its detriment.

Firstly, we have to see if the chart promises longevity. Ruler of the rising sign is in the 8th house in a state of combustion. 8th house is also the house of death. Jupiter is the functional malefic which can kill a native because of its 7th house lordship. The Kendra adhipatya dosha works here and Jupiter becomes a terrible functional malefic that snatched the life of the native. Jupiter is also placed in the bounds of a natural malefic, Saturn.

Country Roads, Take me home…!

John Denver struck a chord with the US audience with his album “Poems, Prayers & Promises” in 1971. One single track, Country roads, take me home is still a favorite for many people. This album established Jon Denver’s musical career and there was no looking back since.

Denver was living through the major period ruled by Mercury and sub period ruled by Saturn. Mercury is the ruler of the 2nd and 5th houses and it is placed in the 9H. Interestingly, Saturn (placed in Taurus) is the dispositor of Mercury and they are forming a sign based trine as Mercury is placed in Capricorn. This is a good indicator of increase of income of the native. Saturn is the most positive planet to the Taurus rising natives and Saturn is placed in sect. Only downside is the conjunction with Mars. One more factor that would not miss our eyes is the Saturn is the ruler of the MC as the MC is placed in Capricorn. It makes perfect sense that the native will have professional elevation. But this is not just about the profession but also the psychological satisfaction that the native attains in his public life by becoming reasonably famous.

This is something that I tested and working out surprisingly well in my research. I look forward to know if any of you have any feedback or suggestions.

Updates to the article:

  • Photo Electric Effect (28 October 2019)

  • Tate Misfortune (28 October 2019)

  • Country Roads, Take me home... (29 October 2019)

  • How to work with modified Firdariyyah in your practice? (12 November 2019)

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