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A Workshop on Firdaria

A Workshop on Firdaria

Name: A Workshop on Firdaria.


  1. Slides - A Workshop on Firdaria.
  2. Article on the Modified Fardars.
  3. Fardar Calculation Sheet - To find the Fardar periods for specified dates with an excel macro.
  4. Fardar Tables Sheet - To find the Fardar periods manually.


Note: The Video file will be made available for download after the purchase through an external portal due to limitations of file size in the online store.


Mode of the workshop: Video with screensharing.

Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes 19 seconds


About the Workshop

  1. This workshop is to help the students understand the practical usage of the time-lord technique.
  2. There are a few modifications in the methods of calculation of the distribution periods besides including the Nodes in distribution periods.
  3. This workshop lays the learning foundation of the Persian timelord technique Firdãriã in both theoretical and practical framework.
  4. Pre-requisites are the basic knowledge of planets, signs, houses and aspects. Anyone who is familiar with this idea can take this course. 


If you want to purchase my book "Firdaria - Periods of Life" to have alongside the workshop, you can order the book directly from Amazon or send an email to for more details.


Amazon link to purchase the book: Click here


The workshop is divided into 5 modules:

Module: 1
Introduction to Firdãriã
Calculation of the Fardãr Periods

Module: 2

Module: 3
Working with Firdãriã
Bounds & 12th Parts

Module: 4
Example Chart

Module: 5
Preparing for a client session


After taking this course, a student can start working on Firdaria independently.


Instructor: Aswin Subramanyan

Aswin Subramanyan, an astrologer with a background in Jyotisa, developed a keen interest in Hellenistic and Medieval Persian Astrology and since then, his practice has been a blend of all three forms of traditional systems. He is the author of the book, Firdaria - Periods of Life (March 25, 2021) and co-author of Astrology by Moonlight (December 8, 2021). His website is

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